MLM Leads- The Top 10 Realities of Working MLM Leads

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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7)An MLM Lead is human, and has Dreams just like you.

One ofrepparttar great things about MLM leads as they are human, and most want a better life for themselves and family. They have dreams, and goals. You just talk to them about their dreams, and their desires and hope for their life. Make their dream a priority in your initial conversation. You will be surprised at their response to your interest in helping them achieve their Dreams.

8)An MLM Lead can, and will, lead you on, and then disappear.

I call itrepparttar 144163 “ADP.” The Amazing Disappearing Prospect. Many leads you call, will try and lead you on because they appear to want to be chased and that makes them feel important. Do NOT chase them. If they disappear, let them go. There are more leads out there than you can count. Go torepparttar 144164 next one.

9)An MLM Lead CAN make you rich.

You read that right. There are many folks that have been called, and recruited, and have exploded intorepparttar 144165 industry. But you MUST be persistent in workingrepparttar 144166 numbers. They WILL show up, if you simply let them. Don’t give up, because they WILL show up if you persist. And potential wealth is waiting on that list of leads you have.

10)It is NOT a workingrepparttar 144167 Numbers game, but EFFECTIVELY workingrepparttar 144168 numbers with MLM Leads.

Many people have called a lot of MLM leads, and they have never hit it big. Why? Lack of effective impact onrepparttar 144169 prospect. Workingrepparttar 144170 numbers effectively is focusing onrepparttar 144171 lead, getting to know them, finding out what they are looking for, understanding they may not be truly interested, and caring more about what is right for them, then what is right for your paycheck. If you keep that focus, you will win HUGE with MLM Leads.

Here is a BONUS Reality- It is NOTrepparttar 144172 MLM Lead as much as what you DO with it.

How can one person call 100 leads and get nothing, and another callrepparttar 144173 same lead list and recruit 10 people? It is what you DO withrepparttar 144174 lead, not what you just say. Focus on what they want, and not what you want. Be their friend, and care more about THEIR paycheck than yours. Show them you can help transform their life, and future.

MLM leads are a great way to find incredible people, if you understandrepparttar 144175 realities of what you are dealing with. It is fun making new friends, and many can become friends for life. That isrepparttar 144176 Real Power of Network Marketing, and MLM Leads.

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What Do You Mean I Work For An MLM?!!

Written by Gary Kite

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Many people want to know howrepparttar people who have a lot of money got it and they want advice as to how they can get a lot of money themselves. But then when someone successful offers that advice on national television,repparttar 143849 audience hasrepparttar 143850 audacity to laugh. Who should we listen? The laughers inrepparttar 143851 audience most of whom probably are hurting in some way financially or Mr. Trump who is financially free many times over? I know to be successful in MLM is a long hard road for most to travel, but whenrepparttar 143852 rewards do start comingrepparttar 143853 bumps and bruises are soon forgotten. I wouldn’t recommend just any MLM to a newcomer. You need one that has a successful track record and truly offers support to those who need it. You need an upline (or sponsor) who is eager to help. If your upline is not willing to help, you are already in a bad situation, because MLM is about duplicating what your upline is doing. When I was deciding on what MLM companies to be involved with, I tried to contact my potential upline and get a feel for how much they would be willing to coach me.

I know there are people involved in MLM, who can clear a bookstore or a mall in no time flat! There are people whose only friends are fellow MLMers, people who are outcasts from their own families. But this doesn’t have to be. You can be involved in an MLM company and remain a normal and civil human being. Give it a shot! The rewards can be tremendous and your life can be changed forever.

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Gary Kite is a full time computer programmer. He is also an internet marketer. He is married and resides in Long Beach, MS.

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