MLM Leads- The 5 Traits of a Great MLM Lead

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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4)A Good Listener.

An MLM Lead that is a good listener will end up being a better recruiter than most. Recruiting is all about listening torepparttar prospect. If you find thatrepparttar 144583 MLM Lead asks questions, and then LISTENS and them asks more questions, you have found a good possibility for a recruit. Listening isrepparttar 144584 MASTER skill in Communication in Network Marketing, and Recruiting. A good listener is hard to find, but they are out there.

Doesrepparttar 144585 MLM Lead talk more than they listen?

Do they try and dominaterepparttar 144586 conversation?

Do they try and impress you?

If this isrepparttar 144587 case, they probably do not have a great listening pattern established. But if they do listen to you, ask questions, and then ask more questions that make sense to ask, then you have found a potential gold mine for recruiting and building an organization.

5)Available when they said they would be.

This is a HUGE trait that many MLM leads do not have. If a prospect says to call them back in 2 days, and you do, and they continuerepparttar 144588 conversation as before, you have a good one. Many MLM leads will not available atrepparttar 144589 time you call, because they had no intention to begin with of doing your business. A person of their word, who shows up for a return call like they said they would, is a person of integrity.

Many people will attempt to play hide and seek as an MLM lead, and that is just part ofrepparttar 144590 business. If they do not show up like they said they would, that is an issue that you may want to consider inrepparttar 144591 future, as all Future Great Leaders keep their word.

And here is a BONUS Trait- DISSATISFIED.

A Great MLM lead MUST be dissatisfied with their income, life, future, or something. You are to help them change what they are not happy with in their life, with your products and company. If they are Dissatisfied, then that means they are probably LOOKING for something better. Help them find it.

These arerepparttar 144592 5 Traits you should look for in a great lead. Yes, there are other traits that you will MLM leads, but these arerepparttar 144593 ones that we found to be worth GOLD in this business of working MLM Leads in Network Marketing.

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MLM Success Network Marketing Secrets- The Power of Patience in MLM

Written by Doug Firebaugh

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A 5 BILLION Dollar producer (you read that right-5 billion) told me this years ago over breakfast. He was eating oatmeal one morning at at a conference. It took me while to get uprepparttar guts and to go over and invite myself to sit down. I had been inrepparttar 144520 business for about 9 months. He had been in foir about 20 years.

When asked whatrepparttar 144521 secret was to this business, without even looking up, he said one powerful word that rang in my ears, and echoed in my heart. It was sage wisdom from a powerful industry legend.

“Patience.” he said. Then he went back to his oatmeal.

Smiling and with a gentle spirit about him, he explained further: "It is NOT going to happen overnight, and it is going to require some time to learn and gather experience. If you are not gettingrepparttar 144522 results you want, be patient. You are exactly where you need to be inrepparttar 144523 growth process. Don't leaverepparttar 144524 process of Success. Stay there, and grow into Success."

You are exactly where You need to be inrepparttar 144525 growth process as well.

Patience has POWER within it, for Success. Stay within that Power.


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Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. He spent 13 years fulltime in MLM and the last 7 years traveling the world training and speaking. He lives in Birrmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subcription to his MLM Success HEAT training letter at: http:/

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