MLB notebook for July 13th

Written by John Onan

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The Florida Marlins continue to underachieve and disappoint. Good timing forrepparttar Cubs, who go intorepparttar 149427 All Star Break on a high notes. Now thatrepparttar 149428 whispers for Dusty Bakerís job have lowered, Iím starting to hearrepparttar 149429 calls for Jack McKeon to step down. Considering his age andrepparttar 149430 fact that he has already accomplished what he set out to do (a World Series Title in 2003), he will probably step aside atrepparttar 149431 end ofrepparttar 149432 year, or sooner.

Withrepparttar 149433 news that Toronto Ace Roy Halladay will be out for at least a month with a fractured tibia, coupled withrepparttar 149434 fact thatrepparttar 149435 Red Sox and Yankees are both red hot, look forrepparttar 149436 Blue Jays to consider becoming a seller towardsrepparttar 149437 trade deadline. I donít see them holding a fire sale, but Miguel Batista and Ted Lilly could be had forrepparttar 149438 right asking price

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Fantasy Sports: A Popular Hobby

Written by Jeff Oreilly

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Fantasy Hockey is similar torepparttar other popular versions of Fantasy Sports. Players are chosen from real NHL players. A typical Fantasy Hockey team is made up of 2 centers, 2 left wings, 2 right wings, 4 defensemen, and 2 goalies. Two types of leagues are Head-to-Head, where owners play one on one games each week, and Rotisserie, where all owners are trying to winrepparttar 149359 most amount of points, with no weekly competition.

Fantasy Sports online has grown into a huge business, generating over $100 million in revenue. Over 30 million Americans play fantasy sports. Each yearrepparttar 149360 number of internet leagues and websites grows substantially.

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