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Korea and Vietnam saw our nation at war again When will allrepparttar conflicts and wars end Desert Storm put our troops torepparttar 140329 test Victory was won and proved our troops wererepparttar 140330 best

Todayrepparttar 140331 War on Terror is still going strong Please pray for our troops allrepparttar 140332 day long Many of our troops lie silent inrepparttar 140333 grave They gave all for America,repparttar 140334 home ofrepparttar 140335 brave

I would like to thankrepparttar 140336 many women and men Who gave their lives for our freedom, can I get an amen We can worshiprepparttar 140337 Lord inrepparttar 140338 good old US of A I salute all our fallen heroes on this Memorial day

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The Hegemony (Church and State)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The pride inrepparttar face ofrepparttar 140179 bible-thumper who never studied to be an adept like Jesus and needs to believe only God’s ‘only begotten’ can dorepparttar 140180 things he (Yeshua) and his family have often done is far more than merely false pride. It endangersrepparttar 140181 soul of all life on earth. The census continues to ask questions that support this lawful (horrific) cause. Here is a fine example of how this infects our picture or management of society. It comes from 19th Century Trinidad but Jedi students in Australia or England knowrepparttar 140182 same thing goes on inrepparttar 140183 21st Century. The church that thinks ecumenicism is when Christian denominations agree, is a church that needs to be taxed and found guilty of much more than supporting pedophilia or destroyingrepparttar 140184 Native culture, such as has been happening inrepparttar 140185 courts of Canada.

“The grant was based onrepparttar 140186 proportion of adherents inrepparttar 140187 Christian community. No religious census ofrepparttar 140188 population was taken in 1861, 1871 and in 1881. Roman Catholic members ofrepparttar 140189 Legislative Council opposed an inquiry intorepparttar 140190 religious persuasion ofrepparttar 140191 people forrepparttar 140192 fear thatrepparttar 140193 results might lead to a reduction in their allotment ofrepparttar 140194 Ecclesiastical Grant. [The Maritime Presbyterian, Vol. II, No. 6, June 15, 1882, p. 165]” (6)

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