Written by Ron Sathoff

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2) Share your enthusiasm: Your clients will almost always feel more comfortable when they know they are dealing with a real person -- someone who has feelings and opinions. So, express your feelings when you can and when it's appropriate. If you are really excited about your product or opportunity, tell them WHY. If your business has improved your life dramatically, let your audience seerepparttar joy, gratitude, relief, etc. that you feel (within reason, of course!). Some cynics may say that expressing your feelings is unprofessional, but I say it's just a matter of being a human being, and your customers will appreciate seeing that part of you.

3) Reach out to people: Customers love it when they are treated like people and not just customers. Take some time out of your day and write personal emails to your clients (and NO, auto responders don't count!). These could just be follow-ups, asking how things are going, or to check to make sure that there are no problems with their purchase. When you write these, it might not seem like you are being productive, but you will be surprised byrepparttar 127404 goodwill (and repeat sales) a simple gesture like this can create.

Remember that most sales in this world are made face-to-face in stores, markets and bazaars. One reason why some people may balk at buying onrepparttar 127405 Internet isrepparttar 127406 fact that it seems so impersonal. You can help relieve these anxieties, however, by doing everything you can to show your customers that they are dealing not only with a REAL person, but with a person who hasrepparttar 127407 ability to solve their problems and who enjoys helping them.

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Gimme a Break!

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

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Pat yourself onrepparttar back, on your own time!

That's how I feel when I visit a site looking forrepparttar 127403 information on their product. When I come across page after page of literature that often covers everything fromrepparttar 127404 manufacturer's educational background and family life, to a full page (even pages) of testimonials, I start gasping for air. Time to escape!

Ifrepparttar 127405 educational background or being from a family lifestyle is crucial torepparttar 127406 credibility and quality ofrepparttar 127407 product, keep it short and sweet. Otherwise, get off of it! I Don't Care!

Testimonial Overkill.

Recently, I was looking at a marketing program and byrepparttar 127408 time I got halfway throughrepparttar 127409 testimonials, I had already had enough. So it was click and goodbye. Testimonials are an intricate part of sales, however you rarely need a full page of them to getrepparttar 127410 message across. Pick a few of your best, (preferably short) testimonials and use those. Set up a specific page for all of them, and giverepparttar 127411 readerrepparttar 127412 option of viewing them via a link.

There's nothing earth shattering here, but consideringrepparttar 127413 amount of times inrepparttar 127414 last few days, I had to wear my waders to bear yet another barrage of advertising refuge, I just had to write something down.

So, try forrepparttar 127415 sake of your readers and your sales margin to keep it Strong, Simple and To The Point!

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