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This is a fun and easy project for small kids.

What you need:

1. Cardboard box - With one side open (a copy paper box lid, a shirt box, or even a shoe box are all good).

2. Paper - Big enough to coverrepparttar 143451 bottom ofrepparttar 143452 cardboard box. It's better if you can find fairly stiff stuff).

3. Three or four marbles.

4. Three or four paint colors.

5. Sticky Tape.

Before you start:

Be warned, this can get messy, especially with younger kids. You'll want to putrepparttar 143453 kids in smocks, and either put down plenty of newspaper or do it in your garden ifrepparttar 143454 weather is good enough.


1. Putrepparttar 143455 paper in bottom ofrepparttar 143456 box. You can use a small bit of sticky tape onrepparttar 143457 corners if it won't stay down by itself.

2. Dip one ofrepparttar 143458 marbles in paint so it's completely covered, then drop it inrepparttar 143459 box. The kid then tiltsrepparttar 143460 box around so thatrepparttar 143461 marble leaves a trail of paint as it rolls around.

3. Whenrepparttar 143462 paint on one marble runs out, repeat with a new marble and a new color.

4. Whenrepparttar 143463 paper has a nice design, take it out and leaverepparttar 143464 new masterpiece to dry.

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Aboutrepparttar 143465 Author: This article was written by Sunil Tanna of Answers 2000. For more craft projects, ideas and books, please visit

This article was written by Sunil Tanna of Answers 2000. For more craft projects, ideas and books, please visit

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