MAKING the Time to Do Your Deal

Written by Andre Best

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Instead of readingrepparttar newspaper for almost an hour every day...I read books that built me up as a human being and that benefitted me in every corner of my life. Not just my MLM business.

Instead of watching 2 to 3 hours ofrepparttar 122499 tube every day ...I now watch about one hour of television A MONTH.

Am I bragging?


Was it tough to give this stuff up?

It was like coming off an addiction. It was as if someone was asking me to give up a piece of my-self.

Was it worth it?

Darn right it was!


Can you dorepparttar 122500 same?

Only you knowrepparttar 122501 answer to that one.

How badly do you want to findrepparttar 122502 hours to work your MLM business each and every week?

How badly to you want to stop hiding behindrepparttar 122503 excuse that you're 'too busy'?

How badly do you want to move beyond where you are now (which incidentally is a continuing repeat of where you were many times before)?

It takes persistence, guts, andrepparttar 122504 'gotta wanna' drive in order to fully change your life.

Change what you want...and you change your thoughts.

Change your thoughts...and you 'change' your mind.

Change your mind...and you change yourself.

Change yourself...and you change your life.

Change your life...and you are MAKING your world.

What world do you want to make from now on?....

How badly do you want your world to include a viable, working, successful MLM business venture that takesrepparttar 122505 heat off of you to provide for yourself and/or your family in this world?

How willing are you to start looking for where you can find that 7 to 10 hours to begin a genuine effort to give yourself what you desperately want to hold in your life.





Peace of mind.


If you've already trimmed your life like I'm talking about above, then Bravo! for you.


If you haven't, then I offer you these last few words.

If you've read what I've written and you think that I'm absolutely wacko for writing it and you're going to hitrepparttar 122506 'back' button on your browser right now...all I ask is for you to think about one thing tomorrow, before you do anything drastic.

When you get up tomorrow morning and are reading your daily blast of 'news' while eating breakfast...

...and you're relaxing in front ofrepparttar 122507 television after your busy day atrepparttar 122508 J.O.B. or after a long day at home looking afterrepparttar 122509 rugrats...

...and when you are hittingrepparttar 122510 sack at night for your daily long dose of zzzz's....

...think about what I wrote for you today.

Ask yourself --

-- "How is this activity (T.V./sleeping/junk reading) helping me get what I want out of my MLM business?"

After asking that and after thinking about it, if you discover that you are inrepparttar 122511 eeniest, tiniest, smallest way wondering how to make this MLM stuff work out better for you...

Begin with this small step...

Begin to change your life by changing what you want. You'll find that 'findingrepparttar 122512 time' will become second nature for you. Those seven to twenty hours EVERY week will just pop up in your life like magic.

And just wait until you discover for yourself what you can then 'busy' yourself with trying to fill them up.


Your MLM business, perhaps?...

Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

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M.L.M. Means...

Written by Andre Best

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What is it for you that keeps you inrepparttar game?

I think I know.


Freedom of choice.

Freedom of lifestyle.

Freedom of income.

Freedom to be.

Freedom to travel, work and/or play when you want.

Freedom to make your day your way.

Freedom....whatever and all that it means to you.

No matter how you slice it that is why we all join this deal.

I know, I know we want to believe it'srepparttar 122498 money. But what'srepparttar 122499 money for? To do what we want when we want. There's that freedom-to-do stuff. Again.

Isn't that what we're being led to believe that those folks in New York andrepparttar 122500 Pentagon died because of? Freedom?

The Freedom that America represents to her people and inhabitants?

The freedom to choose.

The freedom to make OUR lives what we want to when we're ready to pick uprepparttar 122501 torch.

The freedom to create OUR futures as we see them and doing it with whatever means we see fit and true.

Freedom in every sense ofrepparttar 122502 word.

And I ask you... Isn't that what networking is all about?


Freedom fromrepparttar 122503 ties that bind.

Freedom fromrepparttar 122504 work collar.

Freedom fromrepparttar 122505 rat-race.

Freedom from having to do whatever someone tells you to do every day.

Freedom from having a boss.

Freedom from having someone else decide your future.

All that stuff.


M.L.M. Means... Make Life Meaningful

Let's now crossrepparttar 122506 borders ofrepparttar 122507 world and relate this torepparttar 122508 whole concept of networking. Networking is not just an American thing. It's a global thing. I'd bet that most every country inrepparttar 122509 world hasrepparttar 122510 freedom of network marketing available to them.

Since you're reading this eReport I'd bet that you have it available to you where you live.

Network marketing is freedom for people aroundrepparttar 122511 world. It's not an American thing. Americans don't have exclusive rights to freedom in MLM. Anyone who chooses to acceptrepparttar 122512 MLM torch-carrying hasrepparttar 122513 opportunity to create their freedom.

THAT is what MLM is all about. No matter how you slice it.

No matter how you go about building your business and how long it takes you to do it. MLM is about Freedom. And this is an inalienable right for those who choose to work this business.

When you're successful in MLM, when you're a heavy, you'll be free in every sense ofrepparttar 122514 word. Regardless of where you live, what language is your primary one, what deal you're working, or what wares you're hocking. You'll be free.

Think about it.

Think about what you have to offer people who are still going to their nine to five or seven to seven. Think about what you have to offer all those office-bound cubicle workers who don't know that there is a way out ofrepparttar 122515 trench they've unknowingly dug for themselves.

Think about what kind of an impact you could have on this insidious evil that seems to exist inrepparttar 122516 world and is hell- bent on fighting a war based on combatingrepparttar 122517 effects of Freedom. If you're in MLM, wherever you are on this planet, you are a part of this battle for Freedom.

By default YOU are for it. Others are against it.

Since you chose to pick uprepparttar 122518 baton and run with it by joining your deal, wouldn't it be great to pass it off to someone who chooses to run this race with you? Someone willing to take that baton from you and run with it allrepparttar 122519 way to THEIR finish line?

Allrepparttar 122520 way to Freedom...

Whatever THAT translates into for them?

Would it feel great for you to be that person who gives this incredible gift of MLM to that person and forever change their life forrepparttar 122521 better and free them fromrepparttar 122522 work-for-a- living shackles?

Think about it.

Think what you can do if you just continue to remember, on a daily basis, what MLM is all about and whatrepparttar 122523 backbone of it is...

...MLM is BUILT on freedom.

THAT'Srepparttar 122524 spark that ignitesrepparttar 122525 fire in each of our hearts. That'srepparttar 122526 glowing ember that you see inrepparttar 122527 eyes of a beginning networker.

And that can be YOUR cause with all this. Do your part to fulfill what it is that got you into this stuff inrepparttar 122528 first place.

There are so many people out there inrepparttar 122529 world who don't know what networking has to truly offer them. They arerepparttar 122530 ones that shouldn't get lost inrepparttar 122531 shuffle and not be givenrepparttar 122532 chance to bring themselves home to their families and loved ones with a truly possible way to make that happen.

MLM is that vehicle that can make that happen for them. But you'rerepparttar 122533 driver of your vehicle and it's up to you to ensure that you reducerepparttar 122534 many lives missed during past MLM'ers prospecting efforts by at least one.

Every so often bring one more person intorepparttar 122535 world of MLM. Bring them torepparttar 122536 world of possible, plausible personal Freedom. Show them that this is what MLM offersrepparttar 122537 average worker-bee.

Regardless ofrepparttar 122538 country that person resides in. And regardless of whether that person works in an office building, a factory, a kitchen, a medical center, a cornfield, or a potato farm.

When you joined your deal you picked uprepparttar 122539 Freedom torch, some time ago, if not recently. Passrepparttar 122540 baton to those prospects you meet.

Let them find out what freedom is all about. And why YOU won't letrepparttar 122541 spirit behind all those lives brutally taken from this world atrepparttar 122542 World Trade Center/Pentagon/ Pennsylvania area fade from anyone's memory any time soon.

Good luck.

I hope this insight was helpful with your business efforts.

Andre Best is the owner of - a generic MLM resource site offering over 400 printed pages of unique information for struggling and beginning MLM/network marketers.

(Author's permission is granted to share this full article with others.)

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