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Budgeting - We project and budget all expansions week-to-week up to 2 years at a time. Every new server, every extra bandwidth, is budgeted, we are never surprised by spikes in server or network usage.

Honesty - We provide clear and simple account plans that detail as much as possible what you get for each account plan.

Training - We are constantly training and re-training our staff inrepparttar latest techniques and programs. With regularly updated network, server and support procedures, we can ensure M6.net is running as efficiently as a network, server and support administration team can.

Reliability - An enthusiastic and dedicated team ensures that reliability is at a very high standard, we are concerned about our efforts, and strive to maintain a continually sound service.

We have well informing web site at http://www.m6.net , which is very user friendly, most questions can be answered there, but if more information is needed contact our sales staff on sales@m6.net .

Basically, M6.net provides web hosting, it's all we do and we do it very well.

M6.net http://www.m6.net

M6.net is your No.1 provider of multiple website web hosting for Windows 2000. The lowest priced web hosting accounts with multiple websites and multiple SQL Server databases per web account makes M6.net unbeatable value for your web hosting needs - save $100's of per month. Unbeatable prices, fantastic service and powerful features make M6.net first in web hosting.

Creating Successful Ad Copy!

Written by Harry Husted

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Benefits are not "quality and service" or "cheapest". They arerepparttar answers to "why should I keep reading?" or "why should I order?" Make sure to give specifics.

10. Try to place yourself inrepparttar 101113 position ofrepparttar 101114 buyer and understand what they want, and then show them how to fulfill that need. You are selling a solution to a problem, remember that.

11. Remember step 7 above. well, letís expound on that a bit. Be careful with words that you use. For example, saying, "We arerepparttar 101115 best and we are cheaper than everyone else" is too strong, and poorly written. It makes you look like a cheap small business. However, saying, "Serving you with quality and low prices" promises or conveys a benefit torepparttar 101116 reader. Also it usesrepparttar 101117 word "you" andrepparttar 101118 promise is not overstated.

There are certain words that haverepparttar 101119 power to turn prospects on and motivate them to buy. Some examples are:

Free, love, safe, new, benefits, right, you, alternative, security, sale, now, value, fun, save, gain, money, happy, advice, how to, discover, introduce, easy, your, proven, penetrate, suddenly, proud, healthy, guarantee, natural, fast, precious, secret, solution, magic, and comfortable

Words to avoid are:

Buy, difficult, death, obligation, wrong, failure, decision, fail, bad, deal, cost, sell, taxes, liability, worry, loss, hard, and contract

12. Always transfer ownership in your ads to make them more personal by using "you" and "your".

When you are done withrepparttar 101120 ad make sure to put it down and come back to it later when your mind is clear and refreshed. Then readrepparttar 101121 ad and edit it if needed. Then, after you are satisfiedrepparttar 101122 ad is good, submitrepparttar 101123 ad to as many classified ad sites as possible. If your ad is well written you will start receiving inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

But donít stop there. Keep on updatingrepparttar 101124 ad on a consistent basis, evaluatingrepparttar 101125 results. You want to find out what ad pulls inrepparttar 101126 greatest responses.

Harry Husted is a freelance writer, copywriter, instructor and computer expert, living in Edison, NJ. He has published a computer repair and copywriting book. His Web site is http://www.thecomputersociety.com. You can write him at husted@thecomputersociety.com.

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