Málaga Spain - Birthplace of Pablo Picasso

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Other prominent churches inrepparttar old town of Málaga include Santiago (15th-18th centuries), los Mártires, Sagroado Corazón, and Santo Cristo de la Salud.

Málaga is alsorepparttar 140357 birthplace of celebrated Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and there are several galleries showing his wonderful work.

In 1983, his birthplace was declared an historic-artistic monument and, in 1991, it becamerepparttar 140358 headquarters ofrepparttar 140359 Picasso Foundation.

A charming and interesting city in its own right, you also have allrepparttar 140360 fantastic beaches ofrepparttar 140361 ever-popular Costa del Sol close at hand.

Málaga certainly offers a fine mix so come and makerepparttar 140362 most of it!

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Spain´s Flag - A Red And Yellow Beauty

Written by Linda Plummer

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The red and golden-yellow colors of Spain´s flag were first used as long ago asrepparttar late 1700s byrepparttar 140356 King of Spain as he tried to easily differentiate his ships from those of other countries.

They wererepparttar 140357 original colors found withinrepparttar 140358 coat-of-arms of bothrepparttar 140359 Castile and Aragon regions ofrepparttar 140360 country,repparttar 140361 regions first united by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

There is a legend that holds thatrepparttar 140362 colors ofrepparttar 140363 flag of Spain are derived fromrepparttar 140364 bullfight arena,repparttar 140365 red respresentingrepparttar 140366 blood shed andrepparttar 140367 yellowrepparttar 140368 sand of repparttar 140369 arena! However, this is just a legend and not based on historical facts!

The pledge torepparttar 140370 Spanish flag is calledrepparttar 140371 "Jura de Bandera", meaning "Oath ofrepparttar 140372 Flag".

Spain is divided into 17 different regions or autonomous communities and each community also has its own regional flag.

However,repparttar 140373 red-and-yellow national flag of Spain is recognized by all Spanish regions.

Now that you know all about Spain´s flag, why not come on out here and watch one flapping inrepparttar 140374 warm, Spanish breeze?

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