Lyndon Johnson - The Day After Dallas

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The country, hypnotized byrepparttar catafalque, was unaware of any conflict withinrepparttar 149156 government. {Ask yourself how aware this reporter was.} It was virtually impossible to think beyond yesterday's death andrepparttar 149157 coming funeral. Hugh Sidey argued (in vain) that Time should hold its cover portrait ofrepparttar 149158 new Chief Executive for another week's issue because 'Nobody is interested in Johnson yet.' Not many were. Nevertheless, depicting his mood during his first full day in office is a matter of intrinsic interest. A precise delineation is elusive. The man's chameleon nature had never been more evident. {Or more important if you buy into his part inrepparttar 149159 takeover of state that was engineered by CIA, Pentagon, Armaments, Mafia and other related groups who were flabbergasted at JFK's willingness to act according to his own conscience. Remember also that this wasrepparttar 149160 first Catholic in office ofrepparttar 149161 President and thatrepparttar 149162 media was greatly more willing to report what their owners were telling them to do as we showed inrepparttar 149163 first world war and creation ofrepparttar 149164 Fed.} There had never been so many Lyndon Johnsons. It was almost as though a score of identical Texans were holed up backstage in Room 274, each withrepparttar 149165 same physiogamy and drawl, yet each with his own disposition, ideology, sense of timing, and objectives. George Reedy stepped in, and Lyndonrepparttar 149166 clairvoyant appeared. 'Everything was chaotic,' Reedy said afterward. 'Onlyrepparttar 149167 President knew what he was doing.' Galbraith was announced and greeted byrepparttar 149168 left-of-center champion. 'I want to come down very hard on civil rights,' Johnson told him, 'not because Kennedy was for it but because 'I' am for it. Keep in mind that I want a liberal policy because I'm a Roosevelt Democrat.' Averell Harriman {Of Brown Brothers, Harriman who funded Hitler and for whom Prescott Bush worked. This Bush later introduced Nixon torepparttar 149169 political scene.} arrived with his Edwardian gait, and Lyndon said: 'You know I've always thought of you as one of my oldest and best friends in Washington.'

The President was exploiting his great gift for exposing this or that facet of his character so that each visitor would leave with a feeling of warmth and reassurance. Sincerepparttar 149170 visitors entered one at a time, his success was almost universal. The out-and-out loyalists, while remaining distrustful of colleagues who had raced to 274, saw a Lyndon so humble, so shattered by his own anguish, that even Sorensen and Schlesinger were impressed; to David Ormsby-Gore this Lyndon said brokenly, 'If my family took a vote on whether or not I'd stay, there'd be three votes for quitting right away--and maybe four.' That Lyndon vanished, and another appeared, shrewdly advising O'Brien on a technical point of parliamentary procedure. There is no way to reconcilerepparttar 149171 various members ofrepparttar 149172 flexible Presidential cast. The fact is that each played his part superbly and richly deserves applause. Onlyrepparttar 149173 naive would be offended byrepparttar 149174 variety; John Kennedy would have been engrossed by it. Despiterepparttar 149175 accuracy of Sidey's judgment, Johnson was a fascinating man that Saturday. One must merely recognize thatrepparttar 149176 man was many men.

he fenced sharply withrepparttar 149177 soft-spoken but immovable Nick Katzenbach over whetherrepparttar 149178 assassination should be investigated-by a federal or state board of inquiry; he appliedrepparttar 149179 Johnsonian prod to J. Edgar Hoover, who by now was dispatching fleets of agents to Love Field; {You might ask how Lee Harvey Oswald succeeded in getting past allrepparttar 149180 state and Federal authorities who should have allowed him to live. You might ask how he was allowed to get in plain view and available to Jack Ruby so that this known cancer victim who would never live to testify fairly, could shoot him. You might have a lot of questions that come fromrepparttar 149181 numerous books and reports that are available.} he proclaimed Monday a day of official mourning;" (1)

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The Only Thing You Get For Free Is Hungry.

Written by John Dyer

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They want money upfront for information about their "Opportunity" You see this a lot especially offline. People are duped into sending money for information about a "Business Opportunity." When you receiverepparttar information it is pretty much useless and more times than not they ask for more money for more info. If it were a legit opportunity especially online they would let you check it out for free.

They offer you FREE products. This is a very popular ploy online. You are offered free products only to find out that you have to buy something to receive your "Free Bonus." If someone says this and this are free then they should give them to you free. After all that would berepparttar 149008 honest thing to do wouldn't it?

Is it a real business or just a Storefront? Both online and offline there are fly-by-night companies that pop up, take peoples money and then as quickly as they appeared they are gone. One ofrepparttar 149009 main things to look for in a Business Opportunity is to make surerepparttar 149010 company is well established. How long have they been in business? Do they have an actual brick and mortar business or simply a P.O. Box they operate out of? Do they use only auto-responders to answer e-mails or can you get a response from a real person?

These are only a few things that you can look for in determining if a company is reputable or not. Most times just common sense is enough to tell you if they are worth checking out. The most important thing to remember is don't pay money to anyone for anything until you at least have an idea as to what you are getting. At least then you can decide for yourself if it is worth it or not.

John Dyer is the creator of T.H.I.S.(Truth Honesty Integrity Sincerity) Online. The website is dedicated to offering legitimate opportunities and online tools and products that adhere to the Authors values and goals.

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