Lyme Disease Treatment for Pets

Written by Niall Kennedy

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Bathing your pet or grooming your pet can also help in preventing ticksrepparttar time to attach to your pet. After, your pet has been outdoors, comb him completely and check his skin. This can be a long process if you dog or cat has long hair. But, it will be well worthrepparttar 125829 time.

If you do find a tick on your pet and it is moving around then you will be able to remove it very easily. Be sure to killrepparttar 125830 tick. Ifrepparttar 125831 tick has attached it is very important it remove it properly. You can use tweezers or your fingernails. Grabrepparttar 125832 tick close to your petís skin and pull straight out very firmly. Do not allow any ofrepparttar 125833 contents fromrepparttar 125834 tick on your skin or your petís skin. Lyme disease can be transmitted through a cut onrepparttar 125835 skin. And yes, humans can also contract lyme disease.

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If You Want a Friend, Get a Dog!

Written by M J Plaster

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Hostage miniature dog escapes and eludes captors

In 1992, a teeny tiny 11-year-old Pomeranian was reportedly stolen from its home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The following January, a father/daughter team in Corpus Christie, Texas, saw a van chasingrepparttar little dog. The driver abandonedrepparttar 125828 van and began chasingrepparttar 125829 dog on foot, but could never catchrepparttar 125830 dog. Finally,repparttar 125831 dog's captor fledrepparttar 125832 scene, abandoningrepparttar 125833 dog, an animal perhaps 1/20threpparttar 125834 size of its captor. The daughter chasedrepparttar 125835 dog, andrepparttar 125836 dog willingly jumped in her arms. Sincerepparttar 125837 dog wore tags,repparttar 125838 father/daughter team returnedrepparttar 125839 dog to its owners.

What's next? Courier dogs?

Actually, that's old news! In 2001, it was reported that a then five-year-old golden retriever named J.C. delivered its owners' prescriptions fromrepparttar 125840 pharmacy. The pharmacy was located inrepparttar 125841 same strip mall asrepparttar 125842 owners' shop in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, and J.C. always accompaniedrepparttar 125843 owners torepparttar 125844 pharmacy. The dog began carryingrepparttar 125845 prescriptions back from these outings. J.C.'s not just any old dog. It was reported that he took instruction well, and when instructed, he ran down torepparttar 125846 pharmacy and returned with prescriptions in tow.

Sincerepparttar 125847 beginning of their relationship with humans, dogs have fended for their owners, rescuing them from all sorts of perilous situations. Won't you consider rescuing a dog fromrepparttar 125848 loneliness of life without an owner?

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