Lugh Long Arm

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Doorkeep: 'We need thee not… Many are those among us who have so studied and our folk of might are seldom bested by wizards fromrepparttar land of Gaul near to your Iberia, if that is where you hail from.'

"We have been places you have never heard about except perhaps inrepparttar 144792 'Psaltair' which you probably have read and wondered how couldrepparttar 144793 earth be so incredibly immense… I see you have studiedrepparttar 144794 art ofrepparttar 144795 psychic and fancy yourself intuitive, through your non-verbal probing... I SEE also that you have difficulty imagining anyone can know so much… I know you have met people from near and far who come to our spiritual centerpiece of yore and think it is what it was beforerepparttar 144796 ice did cover our homelands… I know you have not seenrepparttar 144797 likes of my torque and find my manner beyond belief… Perhaps there is something you yourself have heard about and yet have never seen done that I might do for you?”

Doorkeep: 'It has been eons since those days you speak of. I am a man of breadth and learning beyond a mere sole disciplinarian who may know something well but know little justrepparttar 144798 same. In years of training before I achieved this high and respected position I thought there were no tellers of tales who could best me… Sincerepparttar 144799 time I have been in this post I have often been proven wrong in that belief, and you are becoming quite high onrepparttar 144800 list of 'fakirs' and 'claimants' I have met. There is one thing that I have heard spoken about that I would like to see you do and yet have never seen it done…'

"Then you shall have it" Tell us what it is. 'Seamas spoke with glee.

Doorkeep: 'Dematerialization!' The good man smiled broadly.

Lugh stood fast and raised his arms while beginning to turn. When he had completed three turns, he was no more visible. His own men were aghast butrepparttar 144801 doorkeep looked dryly into their presence and said:

'Mind-fogging is an easy art… Perhaps one of you would take sword and piercerepparttar 144802 place where Lugh was standing.'

"We have not seen him do this before and are not sure you are not right… He is our hero and historian, a poet and a smith, brazier and craftsman. We should not wish to lose his teaching." Seamas spoke slowly as he put his hand on his sword.

Doorkeep: 'It is as I had surmised…You are all just students on a jester’s quest… Be gone else I summonrepparttar 144803 guards!’

Amongrepparttar 144804 group was a red-haired lass named Boadicaea whose nickname Bodacious was often heard onrepparttar 144805 lips of men who desired her favour. She drew her sword and stabbedrepparttar 144806 air in front of Seamas and wherever Lugh might seem to be inrepparttar 144807 eyes ofrepparttar 144808 unbelieving bureaucrat. He was quite impressed and spoke softly. 'I shall tell my king what has happened.'

Eochaid heardrepparttar 144809 tale and welcomedrepparttar 144810 de Danaan to his land. He made Lughrepparttar 144811 Ard Ollam in charge ofrepparttar 144812 Philosophies and Crafts. There had been no such chair seated in his court of that of many kings before him. Sincerepparttar 144813 time of Myrddin of Wales (Merlin) none had dared to take this austere position. Withrepparttar 144814 aid ofrepparttar 144815 de Danaan Eochaid was able to unite all people in Erinn (Eire) under his rule andrepparttar 144816 legend of Lugh and his child Dagda grew torepparttar 144817 state of demi-gods or superstars. The stories of their feats of legerdemain and chivalry still are unmatched. The doorkeep has been forgotten and his post has received less 'dire fine' or payment for a long time now.

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To Taste is to Know

Written by Terry Dashner

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But don’t take my word for it, like I’m some expert in metaphysics. You may taste and experience new life for yourself. You don’t have to study interminably aboutrepparttar soul. You don’t have to take someone’s advice on how to experiencerepparttar 144761 supernatural. You may come torepparttar 144762 Water of Life and drink freely for yourself. Jesus isrepparttar 144763 Water of Life. Jesus isrepparttar 144764 Bread of life. Come and dine. Jesus is more than supernatural. He is from everlasting to everlasting. He isrepparttar 144765 Alpha and Omega. He isrepparttar 144766 First andrepparttar 144767 Last. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is Redeemer, and He will save your soul.

To taste is to know.

Keeprepparttar 144768 faith. Stayrepparttar 144769 course. Jesus is Alive and coming again, soon.

Pastor T.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. US Navy veteran and retired from the City of Tulsa, police. Father of three grown children.

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