Lucy: Fact vs. Fiction

Written by Steve Baird

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A quote from an education website describes Lucy as follows:

As in a modern human's skeleton, Lucy's bones are rife with evidence clearly pointing to bipedality. Her distal femur shows several traits unique to bipedality. The shaft is angled relative torepparttar condyles (knee joint surfaces), which allows bipeds to balance on one leg at a time during locomotion. There is a prominent patellar lip to keeprepparttar 148509 patella (knee cap)from dislocating due to this angle. Her condyles are large, and are thus adapted to handlingrepparttar 148510 added weight, which results from shifting from four limbs to two. The pelvis exhibits a number of adaptations to bipedality. The entire structure has been remodeled to accommodate an upright stance andrepparttar 148511 need to balancerepparttar 148512 trunk on only one limb with each stride. The talus, in her ankle, shows evidence for a convergent big toe, sacrificing manipulative abilities for efficiency in bipedal locomotion. The vertebrae show evidence ofrepparttar 148513 spinal curvatures necessitated by a permanent upright stance.

So they are saying that only bipedal subjects display these evidences. Also most of these references are not made based on Lucy but on other bones found with a 1.5-mile radius. However, for arguments sake lets say all of these bones are from Lucy. Is it possible for a primate (ape, chimp ect.) to walk upright for long periods of time, enough so that bone structure might change somewhat? Not saying it’s changing into a human, just an upright ape. Most people would answer no and certainly in biology class we are taught to all apes can walk upright for a limited amount of time but their bone structure isn’t suited for long periods of bipedal walking. Then how do they explain this:

A black macaque monkey in Israel that forrepparttar 148514 past five years has walked exclusively on two legs and no longer attempts to walk on all fours. This monkey become ill once and had a high fever that doctors believe caused some form of brain damage. So instead of being able to switch from knuckle walking to bipedal it only knows how to walk on its two legs. This doesn't mean that this black macaque is related humans it just shows that primates are capable of this behavior. Noticerepparttar 148515 straight posture,repparttar 148516 long gait, yet you still have curved hands and feet for tree climbing. Just like Lucy’s description.

Robert Boyd and Joan Silk (both professors of Anthropology), How Humans Evolved, 2000, pp. 331-334.

"Anatomical evidence indicated that A. afarensis was bipedal..."

"....some anthropologists are convinced byrepparttar 148517 anatomical evidence that A. afarensis was not a modern biped.”

The general public is lead to believe that Lucy is a concrete example of life between humans and apes and that it proves we evolved and started walking upright 4 million years ago. What they aren't told is that if you took all ofrepparttar 148518 bones associated with Australopithecus you would not even fill up one casket. There simply isn’t enough evidence for true science to make this claim. It is all based on evidence that just isn’t there.

A supposed concrete example that is all imagination andrepparttar 148519 truth is hidden fromrepparttar 148520 general public or glossed over as not being important.

Written by:

Steve Baird

Author of "Another Road to Damascus: A Journey from Evolution to Creation."

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Steve is the founder of Evolution On Trial Ministries ( He holds a Masters of Archaeology and lectures to audiences about the weaknesses of evolution.

Faith Like a Child

Written by Steven Baird

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As complicated as a cell-phone, a single human cell is thousands of times more intricate and complex that even our most advanced computers and we are made up of millions of cells. So why wouldn’trepparttar same criteria be required for our creation as it is for cell-phones and other computers? Because that would mean we would have to answer to somebody. We would no longer be able to live our livesrepparttar 148508 way we wanted to, but would rather have to admit we are answerable to our creator. Pride. Pride in thinking we know what is best, pride in our “own” advances, and yes even pride that we know more than God.

Children don’t suffer from this problem. They don’t know pride. They do however know what they are taught. If they are taught that God’s word is truth and thatrepparttar 148509 Bible isrepparttar 148510 “History Book ofrepparttar 148511 Universe,” they will believe it and defend it. Oh how I wish I could haverepparttar 148512 faith of a child. To simply open up God’s word and not question, but rather simply see truth.

When isrepparttar 148513 last time you had a child like faith? When isrepparttar 148514 last time you simply sat under a tree in a park and listened torepparttar 148515 sounds around you and looked at allrepparttar 148516 birds and other wildlife? When isrepparttar 148517 last time you just sat there and feltrepparttar 148518 breeze brush your skin and you looked up into a cloudless, bright blue sky asrepparttar 148519 leaves ofrepparttar 148520 trees swayed overhead? When isrepparttar 148521 last time you were simply still and were not trying to figure anything out? When isrepparttar 148522 last time you let God reveal himself to you through his creation?

Psalm 19:1-4 “The heavens tellrepparttar 148523 glory of God, andrepparttar 148524 skies announce what his hands have made. Day after Day they tellrepparttar 148525 story; night after night they tell it again. They have no speech or words; they have no voice to be heard. But their message goes out throughrepparttar 148526 world; their words go everywhere on earth.”

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Written by:

Steven Baird

Author of “Another Road to Damascus: A Journey from Evolution to Creation”

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Steve is the Founder of Evolution on Trial Ministries ( He has a Masters of Archaeology and is also certified to teach Elementary School. Steve speaks to churchs and various youth groups across the state and will soon be expanding his presence nationwide.

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