Luck or Providence? (C)

Written by Terry Dashner

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Next onrepparttar scene of superpowers, was Rome. Rome was alluded to inrepparttar 105444 Book of Daniel as beingrepparttar 105445 most terrible of all conquering powers that had come before her. Rome grows from a city onrepparttar 105446 Tiber River to becomerepparttar 105447 dominant political force in Italy. And then a world empire. This, too, happened by supernatural guidance. It didn’t happen by luck.

The word “Punic” is derived fromrepparttar 105448 Latin word Punicus, meaning Carthaginian, which itself is derived formrepparttar 105449 Greek word Phoenix, meaning Phoenician (proof of cultural borrowing and amalgamation of languages). Rome first comes to world dominance by defeatingrepparttar 105450 superpower ofrepparttar 105451 Mediterranean, Carthage. It will take three wars, but she does it and climbs to world-power status. That’s amazing. It wasrepparttar 105452 Roman victory atrepparttar 105453 Battle of Zama in 202 BC which markedrepparttar 105454 beginning ofrepparttar 105455 power ofrepparttar 105456 Roman Empire that would continue to reign supreme for six centuries. Wow.

I will continue this study tomorrow. Remember, you could have been born at any time in history. But, God desired that you live today. What does that mean? You have been raised up byrepparttar 105457 Providence of God to serve Him today. This is a significant time in human history. Jesus is soon to return for His Bride, and you have been reserved for this end time event. That’s an awesome responsibility if you stop and think about it. It says that you should be busy about your Father’s business. You are to occupyrepparttar 105458 ground of faith until He comes. Don’t let Him come and find you sleeping on watch. Arise and tellrepparttar 105459 Good News—Jesus died for all that all men might live in God.

Keeprepparttar 105460 faith. Stayrepparttar 105461 course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor T. dash


Luck or Providence? (D)

Written by Terry Dashner

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The underlying principle ofrepparttar Magna Carta is what is known as habeas corpus, which in Latin means, “you shall haverepparttar 105442 body.” To us who are guarded by habeas corpus it means that a person can not be held in jail or against his will without evidence of wrongdoing. This isrepparttar 105443 crux of United States criminal law. It is powerful. It is just. It came byrepparttar 105444 hand of Providence, no doubt, because God is all about justice.

In 1679 English Parliament compelled Charles II to accept habeas corpus as a specific statute. The king was not aboverepparttar 105445 law. “Today,repparttar 105446 legal systems of most ofrepparttar 105447 world’s democratic nations supportrepparttar 105448 principle of habeas corpus. The Constitution ofrepparttar 105449 United States declares thatrepparttar 105450 ‘privilege ofrepparttar 105451 writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless, when in cases of rebellion or invasion,repparttar 105452 public safety may require it.’ The privilege was suspended by President Lincoln duringrepparttar 105453 Civil War…Habeas corpus is one ofrepparttar 105454 most fundamental principles ofrepparttar 105455 criminal justice system. It guidesrepparttar 105456 actions of police and prosecutors, even though usually it is not specifically invoked” (Yenne p. 45).

Byrepparttar 105457 way,repparttar 105458 Magna Carta reflectsrepparttar 105459 Law of God. Any stable and lasting law of civilizations does. America would do well to acknowledge her chief law,repparttar 105460 U.S. Constitution, subject to only one Law—the Law of God. Keeprepparttar 105461 faith. Stayrepparttar 105462 course. Jesus is coming soon. Pastor T.dash.

Pastors a small church.

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