Luck or Providence?

Written by Terry Dashner

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Let’s do another significant event. What if Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC) had not written down a code of civil law? What if Moses had not gone to Mount Sinai to receiverepparttar Decalogue of God? Now surely you know that Hammurabi lived before Moses, and it would be tempting to agree with some that Moses copied his laws fromrepparttar 105448 code of Hammurabi because they are so similar. But, this is no temptation at all if you consider God has been working sincerepparttar 105449 fall of man inrepparttar 105450 Garden of Eden to proscribe hurtful activities among men. Hammurabi’s code of law was basically written for civil ventures. Moses’ law was very different in that it was authoritative over moral actions. Moses received God’s Law for mankind. God’s Law isrepparttar 105451 highest law. From it evolvedrepparttar 105452 English Common Law—the Magna Carta—the Mayflower Compact—the United States Constitution. None of these laws—though superior they are to man—no law is higher thanrepparttar 105453 ONE LAW—God’s Law.

I wish I had time to give you more, but church services are getting ready to start. The pastor can’t be late. I hope to continue this writing later. For now, you have something to consider. History didn’t just happen. It was a lot of dominoes falling upon each other in a linear course to bring us to where we are today. Keep in mind, please. God is bringingrepparttar 105454 history of man to a close. He’s got something better coming. And His Kingdom that is coming will have no end. Neither will any event push it over or knock it out ofrepparttar 105455 way. You can stake your dominoes on that!

Keeprepparttar 105456 faith. Stayrepparttar 105457 course. Jesus is coming soon. Pastor T. dash

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. Retired from law enforcement in September 2003. Veteran of the United States Navy. Married for 28 years and father of three grown children. Blessed!

Luck or Providence? (B)

Written by Terry Dashner

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Let’s continue on. What ifrepparttar superior numbers of Persian forces had overcomerepparttar 105446 Greek city states as they were favored to do? Western civilization would have beenrepparttar 105447 history of Iran. Who stoppedrepparttar 105448 mighty forces of Xerxes against all odds? Only something supernatural could have thwartedrepparttar 105449 Persian masses. In 519-465 BC Xerxes gathered together a very large army and navy to march on Greece—estimated 2.5 million troops.

The first major victory ofrepparttar 105450 campaign occurred on September 23, 480 BC. The Greeks luredrepparttar 105451 Persian fleet intorepparttar 105452 narrow straits offrepparttar 105453 island of Salamis, outmaneuvered it and destroyed it. Xerxes regrouped overrepparttar 105454 winter and returnedrepparttar 105455 following year and metrepparttar 105456 Greeks in battle onrepparttar 105457 Plain of Plataea. Again, as had beenrepparttar 105458 case of Marathon and Salamis, an outnumbered Greek force succeeded in outmaneuvering and defeatingrepparttar 105459 larger and more powerful Persian army. This markedrepparttar 105460 beginning ofrepparttar 105461 end of Persian world rule. This pavedrepparttar 105462 way forrepparttar 105463 next conqueror, Alexanderrepparttar 105464 Great.

The Bible declares over and over again that God brings down one ruler and lifts up another for His purposes. That’s a good thing. To know that God is in control even when things seem out of control is a great feeling. If you can trust Him, He will guide you safely along, even through rough and stormy seas. God does not fail His people. If men will live for Him, He will bless them and serve His purposes through them. They will walk blessed and honored before all men. God is Sovereign. God rules overrepparttar 105465 entire universe. Trust Him.

I’ll visit this topic again. Inrepparttar 105466 mean time, keeprepparttar 105467 faith. Stayrepparttar 105468 course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor T. dash

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK

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