Low Carb Diets: 3 Reasons They're So Popular

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

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#3 People feel out of control with carbs

You've seenrepparttar plethora of new books and articles surfacing regarding carbohydrate addictions or cravings. Many people have bought intorepparttar 149568 mentality that they are 'addicted' to carbs (muchrepparttar 149569 same way we get addicted to cigarettes or caffeine).

They feel that when they eat carbs, their cravings get out of control and instead of having one brownie for example, they can't stoprepparttar 149570 cravings and they eatrepparttar 149571 whole tray. So for some, low carb foods becomerepparttar 149572 safe territory where they can eat and not feel out of control.

Those are several reasons why low carb diets are so popular; but do they work?

That depends on which study you read. There have been mixed reports, some say they work, some say they give yourepparttar 149573 same results as a low fat diet.

But to break it down to an individual level, here's my take:

Forrepparttar 149574 low carb diet to be successful, you have to approach it as a life change (and that's a big life change).

You have to be dedicated to getting overrepparttar 149575 transition period (often called carb withdrawal) which can feel pretty lousy.

You have to dedicate yourself to finding new low carb ways of eating, new low carb recipes and products. It can be done - but you'd better be willing to putrepparttar 149576 work in.

However for those just looking for a chance to eat allrepparttar 149577 'bad' food they want and still lose tons of weight in 2 weeks - save yourselfrepparttar 149578 pain,repparttar 149579 carb withdrawal andrepparttar 149580 keto-strips and just cut down your portion sizes.

Kathryn O'Neill is a health writer for Diet and Weight Loss Reviews.

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Pharmacy Jobs: Northern Nevada Medical Center

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

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