Low Carb-ers: Self Imposed Weight Loss Guinea Pigs, Ground Breakers and the Health Conscious Today

Written by Jenny Mathers

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However, to be fair, many low carb-ers today are forward thinking, health conscious (not just weight conscious) and intelligent and logical thinkers and do receive some support as I believe there is an Atkins telephone helpline available to U.S. residents, which if you're interested is 1-800-2-ATKINS. As to whether this is purely a promotional tool or truely a helpline, I am not sure.

For many low carb-ers eating a low carb diet is similar to eatingrepparttar way we did years ago before we had access to soda and bagels in mass proportions. Now, I am not an advocate of low carb diets, in fact I don't recommend "cookie cutter" diets, but I do see that for many, it is providing welcome relief to stubborn weight and health problems that previously have been difficult to treat, and that independent research is starting to supportrepparttar 131401 results that have been seen in thousands of low carb success testimonials.

As a side note, I feel I must add, if you're new torepparttar 131402 diet scene and assessing whether or not low carb eating is for you, I do have one word of warning, please be aware that research findings can be manipulated and that findings of research that have been funded by commercial interests such as those withinrepparttar 131403 low carb community may not be as impartial as it appears. I am not saying that their research isn't impartial or accurate, but to be really sure, a truly independent study should not have links to interested commercial parties.


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Research is the only objective way of finding out what really works. To research low carb findings visit Savvy Fat Burning Foods

Do you have a Burning Desire to Lose Weight or Reach Any Goal?

Written by Mike Matthews

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What if this didn't work and you're not emotionally excited - what if you didn't create a 'Burning Desire'. Your current goal has reverted back to a wish, a want, a dream or a hope. At this stage you have a few options. First, you should go back to step #1 and try this exercise again. Often duringrepparttar first attempts, you may not have put enough time or energy intorepparttar 131400 process. Right now isrepparttar 131401 time to change forrepparttar 131402 better - take a positive action step and give it another chance. Second, if you've tried this exercise or other techniques and still can't seem to create a 'Burning Desire', than you may need to pick another goal, abandonrepparttar 131403 goal or changerepparttar 131404 goal. Changingrepparttar 131405 goal is not giving up; changingrepparttar 131406 goal is often one ofrepparttar 131407 best ways to get yourself re-energized, motivated and excited about moving forward.

By taking these 5 steps to create a 'Burning Desire' for each one of your goals (large or small), you will make your goals much more attainable, you will start to consistently meet more of your goals and you will have more fun alongrepparttar 131408 path to success. This technique can be used in other areas of your life such as your business (career), your personal finances and your relationships. Other chapters in this book will providerepparttar 131409 details on how to use this technique in other areas of your life.

Author's Personal Note: I have successfully used this technique inrepparttar 131410 area of weight loss and have lost 10 lbs (in 45 days), reduced my body fat by 3% and dropped from a 35- inch waist to a 32-inch waist. What was my 'Burning Desire'? I had about seven of them, but two createdrepparttar 131411 most passion and drive.

First, was when my youngest son commented about how big my stomach was getting and that I looked out of shape. This comment was my negative reason that drove me to make a change. If I didn't attain this goal, I would continue to hear these comments . Second, I had a closet full of size 32 pants and was ready to go out a buy more tight-fitting 34 size pants. Since I personally don't like (despise) spending money on clothes, I created a visualization of allrepparttar 131412 money I would save by not having to buy another 3-4 pairs of pants. If I did attain this goal, I would have another $150 to do what I love most - invest.

My personal visualization forrepparttar 131413 first reason was a flat stomach instead ofrepparttar 131414 love handles and no 'fat' comments from my son. My visualization forrepparttar 131415 second reason was seeing $150 invested in 3 shares of a blue chip stock on my portfolio statement, instead of pants hanging in my closet. While my personal visualizations might not get you motivated, these visualizations created enough push, motivation and drive for me to change my dietary habits and eat right (not necessarily less) and exercise more often. Remember, each of you will have your own personal visualizations that will get you to take action.

It wasrepparttar 131416 first time in my 40+ years that I've ever wanted to lose weight and while it was difficult to make these dietary and exercise changes; I sacrificed my short-term immediate gratification needs forrepparttar 131417 benefit and success of my long-term weight loss goal. Not only did I receive gratification from meeting my weight loss goal, but I received even more gratification by knowing that I could makerepparttar 131418 appropriate day-to-day choices to minimize my short-term immediate gratification needs to meet a long-term, more gratifying goal. It was worthrepparttar 131419 efforts.

It's time for You to take Action!
What are you going to do right now to take one positive action step towards meeting one of your personal goals? To getrepparttar 131420 momentum moving in your favor, you need to take immediate action. After reading this article, takerepparttar 131421 next 30 minutes to complete this 5-step process for one of your goals? You don't have 30 minutes, take 5 minutes to startrepparttar 131422 process. The key is to take Action. You owe it to yourself to be successful and one key component for making your personal goals attainable, is to create your own personal 'Burning Desire'. Start it now!

Mike Matthews is a writer for www.Your-Key-to-Success.com with many personal successes in the areas of personal finance, small business, real estate investments and reaching fitness goals.

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