Love and Marriage Fairy Tale

Written by Jenny Clair

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The next step is to set a date for your marriage fairy tale. Once you have decided on a date, you then gat excited and look forward to making allrepparttar booking arrangements. After bookingrepparttar 145554 church, bells, reception and caterer you can then start shopping around for that very special fairy tale wedding dress that everyone will wow over. Whether you choose a long flowing sparkling ball gown or a short tailored plain suite for your love & marriage fairy tale wedding,repparttar 145555 choice is phenomenal. Many couples choose top hat and tails for their fairy tale wedding which also sets a fairy tale theme. Accessories are also of prime importance as tiaras reflect a very elegant fairy tale marriage. Couples may also wish to take their love and marriage fairy tale one step closer to a real fairy tale and decide to hire a pony and trap as a mode of transport to and fromrepparttar 145556 church.

The choice inrepparttar 145557 location isrepparttar 145558 reception is also of prime importance to your fairy tale wedding. Some couples choose to have a marquee in a romantic setting or even decide to hold their reception in a castle to complete their fairy tale wedding. Décor is another area to exploit for a perfect romantic fairy tale setting. There are flowers, doves, confetti, streamers, balloons, bubbles,repparttar 145559 list is endless. You could even round your evening off with a spectacular grand fairy tale firework finale. Remember, your fairy tale marriage should be just as if you were reading a fairy tale book. You have carefully chosen your dream marriage fairy tale and your day will be an unforgettable experience enjoyed torepparttar 145560 full by all who attend to witness and celebrate your love and marriage fairy tale.

Jenny Clair is the editor of an article based web site exploring the human side of marriage breakdowns, divorce and separation situations.

Retirement Planning for the Stay-At-Home Mom

Written by Stephanie Foster

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Of course, it's hard for most families to come up with $3000 a year to be put towards retirement. Saving while working is relatively easy; it can come out ofrepparttar paycheck before you ever see it, so it doesn't hurt much. You need to figure out a monthly dollar amount you can contribute, so that it goes throughoutrepparttar 145298 year. Don't hurt your family doing this, of course, but if you can find a way to get a little money put aside so you can have a decent retirement, do so.

Those who want only to be stay-at-home moms may resistrepparttar 145299 notion of finding a job, whether it be part time or working at home, but it is another option to keep money going towards your retirement. It assures you that some money is going toward Social Security, and gives you a little extra money to put towards your retirement. Oncerepparttar 145300 kids are in school, a highly flexible job can keep your skills sharp, too.

For others, a home business is an option. You don't have to gorepparttar 145301 direct sales route, although it is certainly a popular way to start a home business with less risk. You can start a website on something you love, sell crafts you've made… perhaps something you love to do could be a small home business for you.

You arerepparttar 145302 only one who can decide which sacrifices you can make to ensure that you have a financially secure retirement. Takerepparttar 145303 time now to think about your future.

Stephanie Foster is the owner of Home with the Kids, a resource that knows that there's more to staying home with your family than just business. For more stay at home tips, visit the site at and subscribe to the free newsletter.

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