Love Your Way to Success

Written by Hershey Wier, MBA

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So, be a saint. Realize that deep down, no one - includingrepparttar troublemakers - wants to work in a stress-filled environment. It`s just that some people, regardless of their rank inrepparttar 122369 organization, do not know how to manage, how to cooperate, nor how to create a positive and productive work- environment. That isrepparttar 122370 sad and simple reality. You can help them by trying something on a regular basis, called kything.

Kything is creating positive outcomes in your mind`s eye. Envisioning scenes, even if they are pure fiction, scenes of you andrepparttar 122371 people/situation you`d like to change. Keeprepparttar 122372 higher good of all in mind while visualizing your scene. You may be doing this for yourself, but keep in mindrepparttar 122373 needs of your colleagues, as well. I believe that what you conjure up in your mind`s eye will could very well come back to you -repparttar 122374 good - as well asrepparttar 122375 not-so-good thoughts.

Remember, you`re not necessarily kything/conjuring up a scene that sets up your promotion. You are setting up a scene in which circumstances at work are positive for all. You will be amazed atrepparttar 122376 improved countenance you develop while working through this process. And, you should, almost miraculously, see improvements inrepparttar 122377 countenance of others. The positive energy you radiate during your kything sessions, haverepparttar 122378 power to affect those you kythe on in a positive way. Kything is not a one-time venture. It is something to work into your ANEW Soultimes - your daily quiet times, in order to create peaceful, positive outcomes in your life.

Have you tried kything? Are you going to give it a try? Write in with your experiences:

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Hershey Wier, MBA speaks and writes on how to make successful career and life transitions.

Medical Electional Astrology

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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Electional astrology requires us to set aside neutral New Age interpretations of planets and aspects and to label certain planets and aspects asrepparttar ancients did: “benefic” planets are good; “malefic” planets are bad.

The malefic planets are Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Any planet in any aspect to these planets is considered “afflicted”. This is bad.

The benefic planets are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. These planets can aspect each other positively with conjunctions but negatively with squares and oppositions, in which case they are considered “afflicted”.

The Moon is of critical importance in electional astrology. We look primarily to see what signrepparttar 122368 Moon is in and what aspects it makes before leavingrepparttar 122369 sign.

The best signs forrepparttar 122370 Moon are Taurus and Cancer. The worst sign forrepparttar 122371 Moon is Scorpio. For a good ending to surgery,repparttar 122372 Moon should not be Void-of-Course (“nothing will come of it”) and it should make a good aspect before leaving its sign.

Jacobson introduced a “Part of Surgery”, similar torepparttar 122373 Arabic Parts (such asrepparttar 122374 “Part of Fortune” with which most of us are familiar). The Part of Surgery is derived by addingrepparttar 122375 cusp ofrepparttar 122376 first house to Saturn and then subtracting Mars. Look to see ifrepparttar 122377 resulting point inrepparttar 122378 chart is positive and well aspected.

There are some definite NOs in electional interpretation:

1.the Sun and Moon cannot be inrepparttar 122379 sign rulingrepparttar 122380 part ofrepparttar 122381 body to be operated on (in this case Scorpio)

2.the Ruler ofrepparttar 122382 1st,repparttar 122383 Patient, cannot be in bad aspect torepparttar 122384 Ruler ofrepparttar 122385 8th,repparttar 122386 Surgeon, orrepparttar 122387 surgeon cannot helprepparttar 122388 patient and nothing will come ofrepparttar 122389 operation

3.the Moon cannot be inrepparttar 122390 same sign as Mars or applying to a quincunx with Mars

4.the Ascendant, its ruler, a planet inrepparttar 122391 1st or 8th houses,repparttar 122392 Sun, Moon or Mars cannot be in conjunct with one ofrepparttar 122393 “evil” fixed stars.

If you’re not sure whatrepparttar 122394 evil fixed stars are, these arerepparttar 122395 greatest offenders; Hamal,repparttar 122396 Death Wound, at 6 Taurus; Caput Algol or Medusa’s Head at 24 Taurus; Aldebaran at 8 Gemini; Serpentis,repparttar 122397 Cursed Degree, at 9 Scorpio; Antares, evil presages and danger of fatality, at 8 Sagittarius and Scheat, death by drowning (including pneumonia) at 29 Pisces.

Expect to see some affliction onrepparttar 122398 angles ofrepparttar 122399 chart. After all, if Saturn, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto were not hovering at an angle, there would be no indication of serious surgery pending. However, more than one of these planets indicates a need to pick another time.

There are some further distinctions to this kind of electional medical chart interpretation, but these arerepparttar 122400 basics.

After you haverepparttar 122401 chart analyzed, you might do a few more for aroundrepparttar 122402 same time period and see if you can get better results. There is no such thing asrepparttar 122403 “perfect” time for an event.

Some astrologers are not willing to do electional astrology readings for fear of taking onrepparttar 122404 responsibility. It is wise to prepare a potential client forrepparttar 122405 fact that 85% or more ofrepparttar 122406 success ofrepparttar 122407 operation relies onrepparttar 122408 intelligence and skill ofrepparttar 122409 doctor andrepparttar 122410 odds given. The rest ofrepparttar 122411 process can be enhanced by timing and that is what a good electional chart can do.

What I’ve found with my clients is that their intuition is good and in most cases is already directing them to an appropriate date and time for success.

Nancy R. Fenn has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant in the San Diego for over 25 years. She enjoys working with creatives, intuitives and visionaries to help them discover their mission in life. Nancy's mission in life is to raise consciousness about introversion as a legitimate personality syle. Visit Nancy on the web at

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