Love Watching Your Dog Wear Handmade Dog Scarf's Just To Suit Their Personality?

Written by Krystine Lewis

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I personally have found that my two dogs love to get dressed up with lots of dog accessories that I make for them. I love to Crochet and create new things allrepparttar time for my two dogs to play with. I have made dog blankets, dog scarf's, dog necklaces, dog ball's and fun loving dog toys. They can play to their hearts content.

It's a real joy to see how much your dog loves a new dog scarf or dog necklace. You can see it in their eyes and how they play and prance around. You know that you've made them one "happy pooch". They love allrepparttar 145997 attention that you give them and they play on that attention all day long! Enjoy your dog...they truly are a Woman's best friend.

Krystine Lewis created a website geared toward " Handmade Pet Accessories, Dog Training, Free Crochet Patterns" and other material for your enjoyment. Visit her website to learn all the tips, tricks and resources she has available.

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Tough Guys Talking Plush Dog Toys

Written by Shannon Weidemann

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We have now had this toy for over a week and she loves to play tug of war with it, tossing it inrepparttar air and just laying down to chew on it. Billyrepparttar 145899 Duck has held up really well and is not missing any of his parts or fluff. This would be a great toy for any dog that loves to hear their toys talk.

You can findrepparttar 145900 Alpha Pets online catalog at They sell items for dogs, cats and people too.

Shannon Weidemann is a Consultant with Watkins, a company specializing in items for your Pantry, Medicine Chest, and Environmentally Friendly Cleaners. She is married to a wonderful husband and mom to one child and two furbabies. Learn more about Watkins and sign up for her monthly newsletter at

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