Love Marriage and Romance

Written by Micheal Webb

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Sharing them with you isrepparttar least i can do after they have helped me with my owm relationships.

Writer of non fiction books

The Easy Way to Organize Your Wardrobe in 15 Minutes Per Day

Written by Barbara Myers

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3. Go through your pants, skirts and shorts. Try on each pair. Sort.

4. Today, try on all your shirts and sweaters. Sort.

5. Go through cardigans, jackets and dresses. Sort.

6. Takerepparttar donate box to The Salvation Army or a consignment shop today. Mend items or drop them off atrepparttar 131050 seamstress. Store your other two containers elsewhere in your home.

7. Organize each category by color -- from white to cream to tan to brown to green and so on. You did it! This is your current wardrobe. Everything fits and is ready to wear.

Barbara Myers is author of "Manage Your Wardrobe System" which along with a free tips booklet and e-zine to help you take control of your time by organizing your life is available at

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