Love's Most Overlooked Expression

Written by Conrad L.Jones

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Love's New Lesson
  • The importance of people/things can be measured by how much time we invest in them. As men we spend lots of time on our cars, our buddies, our careers, our sports teams then when asked for our time by our spouses, we're tired or too busy. No wonderrepparttar women in our lives never believe us when we tell them "you are important to me". Why should they believe us when we don't prove it by investing time with them?

  • The essence of love is not what we do or provide forrepparttar 122065 other person, but how much we give of ourselves. This is sad guys but most of us thought and believed that if there's food inrepparttar 122066 house, roof overhead, bills paid, kids got what they wanted, we've somehow done our manly duties. Then we get frustrated, irritated and confused and scream "I don't understand my wife and kids, I provide all they need, what more could they want. Truth is, they want you! Your eyes, ears, time, presence, attention; your time. Nothing - No-thing will ever take place of that.

  • Why is your time so important? Time is your most precious asset. You can make more money, get more education, get more jobs, but you can never make or get more time. Why do you think your years on earth are measured as "life-time"? Because as time is spent, so is your very life. When you give someone or something your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you'll never get back.

    Since your time is your life, don't you think it'srepparttar 122067 greatest gift you can give someone?

Even though roses, diamonds and chocolates are often seen as gifts of love, if you really love your kids and your wife like you say you do, and if they truly are important to you, then give themrepparttar 122068 most desired gift of love and your best investment.

Invest Your Life - Invest Your Time

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Marriage Missing its Spark?

Written by Slade Hartwell

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Try reading your spouse an erotic bedtime story. Let it be spontaneous. Donít let them know itís a sexy story before you begin, maybe even disguiserepparttar book with a different cover. This can be an easy way to get your spouse to try something new. If they hear it inrepparttar 122064 story, then it might be their idea to try it. Most people of either sex find erotic stories to be very arousing.

Bring a video camera intorepparttar 122065 bedroom. Be careful, but have fun. Actually itísrepparttar 122066 element of danger andrepparttar 122067 sense of voyeurism that makes this exciting.

Buy a sexy little costume to surprise your spouse with. Ladies, men always have and always will loverepparttar 122068 sexy French maid outfit. Men, never let your wives see you in a dingy pair of tighty-whities.

Write notes to your spouse. Hide a romantic message in a briefcase or handbag. In fact, itís little romantic gestures that help layrepparttar 122069 groundwork for romance building. Let your partner know that they excite you. They will be excited knowing that youíre excited. Send flowers for no special occasion, just to delightrepparttar 122070 love of your life.

The key is just making a small effort. Changing things up for excitement, and making little romantic gestures. When your spouse sees you making an effort to bring backrepparttar 122071 passion, they will make one right along with you.

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