Lotto's - It is all about trust, and honesty !

Written by Gino Harteel

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I am happy for this lady I had been able to help her in time so she saved her money, but perhaps this is a lesson for us as well, always check outrepparttar company you are dealing with and check outrepparttar 105801 contact information, if someone send you an email that you have won over 55000 £ inrepparttar 105802 name ofrepparttar 105803 UK National Lottery signed with a free yahoo email address, be on guard.

Perhaps that's why people are only going to become a syndicate player if they have trust inrepparttar 105804 company and trust in us as a representative, we are still a small group, but with trust and honesty we will grow, and once people realize this, we will grow big.

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Money Doubler Madness

Written by Elaine Currie, BA (Hons).

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I decided Cycle It Fast would have to be a long term investment. I still had Double Bot for quick profit. I was surprised to note, when I visitedrepparttar forum, one day thatrepparttar 105800 popular "spam" section had been removed and posts alongrepparttar 105801 lines of "10 days and I havenít cycled" and "Where is my money?" were appearing. I started to feel a little uneasy. I was disappointed but not surprised whenrepparttar 105802 Bot hitrepparttar 105803 rocks. How strange, it had been doing so well before I joined. I asked for a refund but I think admin were too busy baling out.

Anxious to recover my losses, I invested $50 with Profit Sharing Hits. Money doubling with advertising hits on top. What could go wrong? I was stunned whenrepparttar 105804 membersí forum disappeared overnight and Admin announced that a re-launch was necessary. I again got that eerie feeling of beingrepparttar 105805 last one in beforerepparttar 105806 doors closed.

After several emails from me, a reply arrived from Double Bot. As admin had not got round to refunding my money before they re-launched, they were offering me a choice of paying them a 35% fee to processrepparttar 105807 refund or reinvesting inrepparttar 105808 Bot even though doubling had stopped.

That isrepparttar 105809 absolute end! Pass me that albatross and call me Jonah. It seems that any doubler that takes me on board will immediately sink. I might as well go and throw my money straight intorepparttar 105810 sea, at least Iíll get some fresh air atrepparttar 105811 same time. I have learned my lesson. Iíll concentrate on my Plug In Profit Site and will not waste any more time or money on these stupid doublers.

Wait up! I just got mail and thereís a money tripler about to launch. Now thatís differentÖ

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Elaine Currie, BA (Hons), is a writer and internet marketer. She came to the internet after a 25 year career at a London law firm, seeking a new career path. Elaine discovered the concept of the "pluginprofitsite" (details can be seen at and at ElaineĎs website

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