"Lots Of Fish In The Sea..."

Written by Jeremy Rizal S

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Finallyrepparttar workday was over! She went home, locked herself inrepparttar 118209 house, rippedrepparttar 118210 phone cord out ofrepparttar 118211 wall, and isolated herself fromrepparttar 118212 rest ofrepparttar 118213 world, sinking deeper intorepparttar 118214 Sea of Self-Pity. "Who cares aboutrepparttar 118215 other fish? I wantrepparttar 118216 one that got away!" she muttered to herself. All that wasted time,repparttar 118217 waiting forrepparttar 118218 right fish to come. Waiting and baiting, luring and scoring...

...And thenrepparttar 118219 yanking away! Another trophy fish... Gone.

She grabbed her diary and pen from under her bed and made herself as comfortable as possible. She jotted her thoughts...

To be cont'd at http://reelinthefish.net/morefishinthesea.html

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Sequnned Suits & Platform Boots

Written by Sharon Jacobsen

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Hold on a second. Don’t open that cupboard or everything’ll fall out. It’s just full of old ‘Jackie’ and ‘Popswop’ magazines and old games. What games? Oh, y’know,repparttar usual sort of thing… mousetrap and ker-plunk are in there, and I think I’ve still got Twister. There’s a pair of clackers in there too, but mum doesn’t like me using them. She says they’re dangerous, that you can break your fingers with ‘em, but I think it’s justrepparttar 118208 racket they make that she can’t stand. Look… please don’t open it…. Oh no! You’ve gone and found my old Cindy dolls. No, I don’t play with them anymore, but I haven’trepparttar 118209 heart to chuck ‘em either. I used to have a Tiny Tears doll too y’know, but my so-called friend pulled her head off. If you fed her a bottle of water she actually peed herself.

Look, why don’t we just listen to some music? I’ve got a cassette player onrepparttar 118210 shelf and I’ve taped some really good tracks off my albums. We only have a radiogram downstairs so I can’t do any direct taping, but holdingrepparttar 118211 microphone close enough torepparttar 118212 speakers works pretty well. That’s how I get music offrepparttar 118213 radio y’know. The radiogram sods up your records a bit, but only because ofrepparttar 118214 stacking. When you keep dropping them down on each other they end up scratched. It’s always a laugh playing a 33rpm album at 45 though. Ours has 75rpm on it too, so mum can play her old Mario Lanza LPs. I wish she wouldn’t though. Dad says he’s gonna get a proper music centre, one with a clear vinyl lid, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s a good cassette. I’ll just pop it on. That’srepparttar 118215 dog barking inrepparttar 118216 background, but you can still hearrepparttar 118217 music ok. I’m a bit fed-up with Sweet now coz my mate kept playing Ballroom Blitz over and over for two whole days, so I’ll just fast forward past that one. There, Alvin Stardust’s better. Oo, oo, my cooca choo… nah nah nah. The Glitterband arerepparttar 118218 best though. They’re Gary’s backing band but have become quite famous in their own right since releasing Angel Face. The drummer’s drop dead gorgeous. Oh… justrepparttar 118219 thought of those biceps! I’ve been to a few of their concerts y’know and met a couple ofrepparttar 118220 band. Not Pete though, I'm still working on that. It’s dead easy to find our where pop stars live – you just look ‘em up inrepparttar 118221 phone book. Hardly anybody’s ex-directory. I bet they’ve got those cool-looking tow-tone Trimfones too.

Oh don’t put that tape on. It’s just old Jackson 5 and David Cassidy stuff. Y’know, somebody predicted that Michael Jackson’s skin would eventually turn white but I don’t believe it. Here… put this one on instead. It’s full of Rubettes, Mud, Wizzard and T-Rex. Did I tell you about my mate’s big sister’s friend? Evidently she’s a Rubette groupie! Her and her mate follow them around on tour and sleep with them after concerts. Can you believe that? I’d call them slappers butrepparttar 118222 term hasn’t been invented yet so tarts’ll have to do. Some ofrepparttar 118223 boys would probably call them slags but I hate that word.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go out soon. My dad’s driving me round to my mate’s house in his Cortina (I wish he’d get a Capri) cos we’re going torepparttar 118224 pictures to see “Stardust” tonight. David Essex is in it y’know. Oh, he’s got gorgeous eyes! I hung some furry dice in my dad’s car once, but he took them out. The man just doesn’t have taste!

If you fancy visitingrepparttar 118225 70s again, you’re welcome to pop round any time. I probably won’t be in, but mum’ll look after you. You might have to sit and watch “The Golden Shot” with her though, if you can put up with Bob Monkhouse that is.

Now where did I put my Yardley perfume…..?

Sharon grew up in East London but moved to Norway at the age of 19, returning to England in 1998. She now lives in Cheshire with her partner and two of her three children. Besides writing, she is currently studying Social Science with The Open University, runs a web site where women in the UK can meet other women for platonic friendship (www.friendsyourway.co.uk), potters in her garden, reads and generally tries to enjoy life. Sharon can be contacted at s.jacobsen@doodlebugmedia.co.uk

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