Lost Your Job? Good for You!

Written by Karen Walker

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Mayberepparttar thought has crossed your mind more than once that it would be nice not to rush off to work every morning. In that case, a home based business might be good for you. Statistics show that 50% of households inrepparttar 146308 U.S. have some sort of business operating out ofrepparttar 146309 home. The tax advantages of owning a home business are often touted as a reason to get inrepparttar 146310 game. But there are more important benefits than saving dollars on taxes, such as flexible scheduling. Hours saved not commuting or being stuck in an office can be spent with family or pursuing other interests instead. There are no nights, weekends or holidays to work unless you choose to.

Havingrepparttar 146311 freedom to choose your own paycheck is another benefit of any business you own, though perhaps more so with a home business due torepparttar 146312 lower overhead of working from home. There is no storefront to maintain, few, if any, employees and forgetrepparttar 146313 headaches that come with managing people. These are but a few ofrepparttar 146314 benefits of working from home. Some types of home business even allow a person to earn recurring income, so that you can continue earning money whether you are working or not.

Maybe your job has not ended yet, but will soon. All better for you! By utilizing this time now to get going on your next income venture, you will be well on your way whenrepparttar 146315 current stream of income stops. In today's economic climate, even if your job seems secure, havingrepparttar 146316 extra 'insurance' of other income doesn’t look too bad, either.

So, if you are newly unemployed, or about to be, try seeing this change as a source of inspiration, an opportunity to change your life forrepparttar 146317 better. Go after that dream job, or pursue one ofrepparttar 146318 many other options available to you. What have you got to lose? Remember, fortune rewardsrepparttar 146319 bold, so step out there and go for it! In a few months time, you may be heard to tell someone, "Lost your job? Good for you!”

Karen Walker is a home business consultant specializing in the health and wellness industry. http://www.newamericanfamily.comemail to: karen@newamericanfamily.com

Leverage Your Network to Break into Pharmaceutical Sales

Written by Ryan Stewart

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What do you do if your network does not contain any pharmaceutical sales representatives? Consider joining a pharmaceutical discussion board onrepparttar web, attend job fairs and askrepparttar 146307 folks atrepparttar 146308 pharmaceutical booth. Another option is to researchrepparttar 146309 Chamber of Commerce membership lists and if there are pharmaceutical members listed you may want to consider attendingrepparttar 146310 next Chamber Mixer. Most local Chambers of Commerce allow you to attend one free event, without being a member. This is a great way to build your network regardless of your career aspirations.

Networking is a lot like pharma sales. Think about it, to set yourself apart fromrepparttar 146311 competition in sales, you take extra time to develop relationships with your customers, right? The same concepts apply to developing your pharmaceutical contacts. The little extra things you do to promote goodwill with your customers work when you are establishing and maintain your network. Send thank you notes if someone with a pharmaceutical career takes their time to speak with you or introduces you to a new contact. It is important to remember that most people really like to help their friends and when you solicit their advice and express your appreciation they are often willing to do a lot more to further your career or help you gain entry intorepparttar 146312 competitive field of pharma sales.

Ryan Stewart is the Founder, Owner, and Administrator of first-class Pharmaceutical Sales Job Search Megasite PharmBoard.com


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