Lose Weight and Get Healthy While You Make Money

Written by Matthew Rongey

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·The highest grade of low lactose whey protein, organic carbohydrates, and fats. This wonderful protein supports, maintains, and protects lean muscle while helping to burn fat. ·Many ingredients help satisfy cravings and reducerepparttar desire for sugars and carbohydrates Immediate Results! It's true -repparttar 131194 Isagenix™ Cleansing and Fat Burning System can turn your life around immediately. Nowrepparttar 131195 wonderful Isagenix™ System gives usrepparttar 131196 opportunity to make a change in our health and our weight immediately by providing a system of cleansing botanicals, minerals, and protein designed to work synergistically in four individual formulas. The most efficient and effective way to lose weight is through cleansing, proper nutrition, and mild exercise. There’s More!

When you refer your friends and family to Isagenix, you earn money offrepparttar 131197 products that THEY buy…andrepparttar 131198 products THEIR referrals buy…and THEIR referrals buy…

In fact, with Isagenix’s revolutionary compensation plan, you can earn up to $100,000 PER WEEK!

Talk about opportunity!

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If you believe it and conceive it...you can achieve it. Success is a journey...make it yours today.

Matthew Rongey is a distributer for Isagenix International. He is always looking for more people to join him so that he can help them build their own businesses. For more information, you can email Matthew at matthew@yes2.us or visit his website at http://www.yes2.us

How to Lose Belly Fat: Latest Secrets from the Research Labs, Part 1

Written by David L. Kern

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A 2004 review study on weight loss supplements from Creighton University Medical Center reported that “results for conjugated linoleic acid were positive in three clinical studies, with few adverse effects.”

A 4% reduction of fat may not sound like much, but its importance for your health can be profound. Doctors at Laval University in Quebec, who specialize inrepparttar study of abdominal fat, say that even a 5% to 10% reduction in belly fat can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease by as much as 60%. While CLA may not berepparttar 131191 cure for belly fat all by itself, it is certainly one way to target belly fat loss. In combination with some (or all) ofrepparttar 131192 other powerful, proven methods I will share with you in this series, it could make a profound difference for your waistline- and your health.

David L. Kern is a health researcher and publisher of New Health & Longevity, a newsletter devoted to the latest advances in nutritional science. Find out how to lose belly fat today at http://www.applepoly.com/bellyfat . This entire series of articles, How to Lose Belly Fat: Secrets from the Research Labs will be available for download at http://www.applepoly.com/howtolosebellyfat .

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