Lose Weight This Weekend - Less Is More When You Eat With All 5 Senses

Written by Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

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Food is not your enemy.

Don't close off your experience. Be curious and nonjudgmental. Have taste tests. Does it taste as good as it looks? Does it tasterepparttar way you expected it to? If not, let it go- don't eat it. Remember-looks can be deceiving.

If you shift your focus to deepeningrepparttar 151213 experience of eating, you shift away from worrying about whatrepparttar 151214 food is going to do (it's impact), away from guilt and shame and toward a richer connection to yourself.

After working with these concepts for awhile, my husband remarked "You know it IS easier to eat less when you eat mindfully." I knew then that he had made a key connection.

And byrepparttar 151215 way, my husband was *not* a "mindful eating" kind of guy, so if it can work for him, I know it can work for you.

It's not only easier to eat less, you just naturally *do* eat less. It's automatic-you create a richer, fuller experience and you start becoming satisfied with less without restricting yourself. And that, my friend, is my definition of heaven on earth.

Carol Solomon, Ph.D. is a psychologist and personal coach who specializes in helping people who want to lose weight and eliminate food and weight issues.

She is the author of "Lose Weight Now Stay Slim Forever," a practical "how-to" manual for learning to lose weight without dieting.

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Eating Out! - 5 Healthy Tips

Written by Weight-Control-Services.com

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If your dinner mates are eager to start off withrepparttar carbs, then order a glass of water and take a sip each time you are tempted to break bread. Besides, youíll wantrepparttar 151160 time you would have wasted buttering and dipping to spend readingrepparttar 151161 menu for smart, sensible choices.

Donít assume that youíll be able to hold out on temptations throughoutrepparttar 151162 entire meal. Set yourself up for success when you order by requesting they leave offrepparttar 151163 oils and sauces. Request that your meat and vegetables be steamed, not fried. Order a salad (with light or no dressing, onrepparttar 151164 side) or side of veggies instead of fries or mashed potatoes.

Tip 4: Fill up onrepparttar 151165 good stuff

Drink plenty of water before you leave forrepparttar 151166 restaurant, and while you wait forrepparttar 151167 food to arrive. This will help fill you up and prevent hunger-inspired indulgences.

Request your salad (and/or soup, if itís not creamy) be brought out first, and dig in. Byrepparttar 151168 time your food arrives, you should be able to more rationally determine what portion sizes are appropriate, and if anything needs to be avoided.

Tip 5: Dreaded desserts

First of all, do not order dessert until you are completely finished with your meal. You may be full and not want anything. And thatís certainly not a crime! Afterrepparttar 151169 meal, if everyone is splurging onrepparttar 151170 dessert menu, keep in mind that you donít have to join in just to be part ofrepparttar 151171 ďgang.Ē Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to end your meal. Or ask someone to split a dessert with you. Hint: Doggie bags can also be used for desserts! So split it in half and take part home for another day or your neighbor. You have to be left out of choosing a neat dessert, either. See ifrepparttar 151172 kitchen can put together a fruit bowl or a sorbet dish to satisfy your cravings without putting all your conscientious work at dinner to waste. This might be something to call ahead about..hint!

Withrepparttar 151173 right approach, eating out can be a pleasurable experience. Remember, a successful diet is a lifelong lifestyle modification. You need to be able to incorporate healthful eating out activities into your routine.

What happens if you DO stress? Add extra activities to your schedule. Swim some laps. Walk or jog. Leave your wallet inrepparttar 151174 trunk and go to a mall for a shop-walk. Take a tour. Visit a museum. Enjoy a park and feedrepparttar 151175 ducks. Just get out, focus on something else and enjoy life.

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