Lose Weight NOW! – Do or Die Time!

Written by Greg Ryan - Fitness Expert

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Develop a great support system

Eat for fuel not for taste

Keep being active.

Here is a portion of one of my e books at www.resolutions.bz I didn’t have much time to pack my bags that day; matter of fact, I‘m still wearingrepparttar same clothes I put on that morning.

I met all three of them onrepparttar 149430 way up here. They said they would hitch a ride, but they were not sure they would be welcome where I was going.

I thought it was unusual to learn how much they knew about me. Did I meet them at some restaurant my family and I went to? Did I see them atrepparttar 149431 doctor’s office? I know, maybe it was at a bunko party orrepparttar 149432 golf course? I just couldn’t put my finger on how I knew them until today.

It’s pretty nice here though—peaceful, always something to do, good conversation. However, I sure miss my family. I wish I didn’t have to leave them soon, but how would I have known?

The three of them said they warned me time and time again. How? When? Where? I wondered. I thought I read allrepparttar 149433 right books and talked torepparttar 149434 right people. I even participated at times.

Lazy was probablyrepparttar 149435 one I got along withrepparttar 149436 best during that short time we spent together. He wasrepparttar 149437 only transparent one ofrepparttar 149438 three. Others might have thought if they saw us together we were twins. We were so much alike.

The other two were much more reserved and timid. Don’t let those guys fool you. I learned quickly they were stubborn old boys with rough edges—two ofrepparttar 149439 biggest know-it-alls I had ever met. They called themselves Denial and Pride. And if you ever met them, I think you would agree they were named correctly.

As I crossedrepparttar 149440 line, I will never forget what they said to me as we raised our hands to each other and waved goodbye, “If only you had known.”


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Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE OUT through real behavior change, smart eating and effective exercising. Start getting in better shape today! For FREE MINI COURES click here www.resolutions.bz

Secrets Of Ephedra

Written by Brian Stewart

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We as Americans should not be punished for a few people’s wrong decisions. As long as we are educated with whatrepparttar potential side effects and outcomes could be of something is abused we should be free to make our own decisions. Lucky for us, I’m notrepparttar 149366 only person who thinks this way.

Just recently, Ephedra has been released back ontorepparttar 149367 market, just as long as its doses are within a certain range. While it is indeed possiblyrepparttar 149368 most effective fat and calorie burner known to mankind, ephedra also has several other benefits. Your metabolism will increase dramatically which will help your body to processrepparttar 149369 foods you eat a lot more quickly and efficiently. It will cause your energy levels to soar like those of an active teenager. Eating is no longer your main focus because ephedra suppresses you appetite so you’ll eat less naturally but still feel full. A few major benefits that are unknown byrepparttar 149370 average person are that ephedra relaxesrepparttar 149371 air passages in your lungs to help treat asthma and cough. It promotes perspiration to help with recovery from minor colds and promotes urination to help relieve edema. It’s clear to see thatrepparttar 149372 benefits of ephedra are absolutely astonishing and extremely beneficial.

Brian Stewart, Independent Marketing Partner with NiteTrim and BetaFuel, has been researching health issues since his early teens. For more information visit the websites- www.BetaFuelFatBurner.com and www.BriansNiteTrim.com

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