Los Angeles Theme Park Attractions

Written by VMT Singuillo

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killer whale family members perform before your very eyes. Many animals perform

their skills and talents. A few thriller rides are also present for fun. Because

this isrepparttar Sea World, you too can get wet!

To cater torepparttar 151079 toys and fun of little children,repparttar 151080 Lego Land is another place to

visit. Rides for your little ones are ever present.

Last but amongrepparttar 151081 greatest arerepparttar 151082 Disneyland theme parks. The original

Disneyland theme park is one ofrepparttar 151083 most famous world wide - where Disney's Mickey

Mouse, Donald Duck and other Disney characters can be seen. Rides, shows, games

and other features are present. It's new sister theme park isrepparttar 151084 California

Adventure which also present great thriller rides, games, shows and more fun.

Words are not enough to describerepparttar 151085 parks andrepparttar 151086 fun that you can experience, thus

it is best to visit these parks yourself. A day of stay in Los Angeles is not

enough so online hotel reservations

are also available at href="http://www.yourcheaphotels.com" rel="nofollow">www.yourcheaphotels.com

Los Angeles has lots of fun, excitement and thrills for every tourists. See you


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Holiday tips & advice - Money saving,packing & more...

Written by Jo Godden

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One thing we all miss on holiday is our favourite pillow. How comerepparttar continental pillows are always so uncomfortable? Continental heads appear to berepparttar 150920 same shape as ours, and yetrepparttar 150921 pillows appear to be designed for aliens. I have read thatrepparttar 150922 Queen takes her own when travelling, and I can understand why! However, my friend has a possible solution. She buys new pillows once a year, takesrepparttar 150923 old ones on holiday, enjoys a good sleep, and then leavesrepparttar 150924 pillows there atrepparttar 150925 end ofrepparttar 150926 holiday. The resulting empty space inrepparttar 150927 suitcase is filled with duty free's and gifts, etc. A word of warning here regardingrepparttar 150928 return weight of your suitcase. I noticed on our recent return from Spain, using a budget airline, that an official stood behindrepparttar 150929 check-in attendant with pad atrepparttar 150930 ready, and everyone in front of us had to pay an excess - not cheap at 7 per kilo. (Remember, a kilo is only approx. equal to a bag of sugar). Some had to pay an excess inrepparttar 150931 region of 40. I was left wondering whether some ofrepparttar 150932 holiday souvenirs were worthrepparttar 150933 7. In fact, if you are thinking of buying presents for small grandchildren, why not make it easy on yourself and buy them before you leaverepparttar 150934 UK. It saves weight and worry andrepparttar 150935 toys are of better quality inrepparttar 150936 UK. Also if you ever wonder what happens to allrepparttar 150937 souvenirs we struggle back with from holiday, then just visitrepparttar 150938 local Charity Shop or Car Boot Sale.

Now, as you struggle down fromrepparttar 150939 attic withrepparttar 150940 suitcases, do spare a thought forrepparttar 150941 following. My friend's husband dutifully brought downrepparttar 150942 two suitcases and informed her that this time he was going to pack his own suitcase forrepparttar 150943 distant wedding they were attending. Onrepparttar 150944 morning ofrepparttar 150945 wedding they dressed in comfortable travelling clothes and placedrepparttar 150946 two suitcases inrepparttar 150947 car. They stopped at a pub just before their destination in order to change into their wedding outfits. My friend had her glamorous outfit and her husband had a suitcase full of Christmas decorations!!

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S ! ! !

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