Los Angeles - the first metropole with its own domain

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Gavin Aldred, President of LA Names, said: "There is still a massive demand for good web-addresses, and Los Angeles is probablyrepparttar most internet-savvy city on earth. For businesses operating in LA a .la address is much more relevant than a .com address because it tells a potential customer not just who you are but where you are, enabling them to find you, visit you, and buy from you. For individual citizens it's more a matter of pride to be part of this extraordinary community."

In order to provide fast, reliable and secure infrastructure and technology, LA Names is working with Dublin-based global domain name registry services provider Afilias Limited, who also provide back-end registry support for .org, .INFO and a number of other ccTLDs.

CEO ICANN Registrar Secura since 1992

Domain Registration - how to setup domain with DNS, IP Address, web host

Written by Mufad

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their own nameservers. In their documentation they may say you need to use something like ns1.yourwebhost.com and ns2.yourwebhost.com - If you use these, you need not bother aboutrepparttar webserver ip address or any other settings, just configure your domain to use these and you are all set.
  • 2> nameserver provided byrepparttar 108290 registrar that you register your domain with
    If you use this option, you will need to knowrepparttar 108291 ip address of your webserver (provided by your webhost). As you will be usingrepparttar 108292 nameserver provided by your registrar, you will need to set it up to point torepparttar 108293 correct ip address for your website by creating a DNS entry. The ip address for your webserver is called asrepparttar 108294 A record andrepparttar 108295 ip address for your mail server is called asrepparttar 108296 MX record, CNAME records are used if o­ne domain needs to be similar to another domain, but you do not need to understand these options for a basic setup. Many top notch domain registrars inrepparttar 108297 industry provide advanced DNS management like forwarding your domain to another site, subdomains, email id management, wildcard dns etc
  • 3> third party nameservers
    This is an option that very advanced domain managers prefer when they wish to have more features and greater control over their DNS records which may not be provided byrepparttar 108298 registrar orrepparttar 108299 webhost.
  • Now a days,repparttar 108300 line betweenrepparttar 108301 web hosts andrepparttar 108302 domain registrars is fading as most domain registrars are providing web hosting and most web hosts are providing domain registration. If you purchase your domain registration and web hosting fromrepparttar 108303 same company, chances are that you may never need to do any setup at all.

    What to look for in a registrar
    It is always a good idea to register your domain with a domain registration site rather than with your webhost so you can be able to shift your webhost in case you need to without loosing your domain.
    A good domain registrar should provide yourepparttar 108304 following features

    • No Cost Domain Forwarding - To Point your domain to anywhere you choose, you can even use a long free web host url and forward your domain to it.
    • No Cost for Change of Registrant - Makes sure you can change registrars (transfer out to another registrar) for your domain without paying a heavy fee.
    • No Cost Domain Parking - You get o­ne page saying your site is under construction or something like that.
    • Domain Name Locking - makes sure that no o­ne can initiate a transfer request until you unlock your domain
    • DNS Server Changes - You should be able to login to your own control panel and make any changes yourself

    I use http://value-name.com for all my domain needs, they provide 1 year registration for $8.75 and $7.75 for a domain transfer including o­ne year extension. They also have special prizing for bulk registrations.

    Trouble Shooting Domain Name Problems
    What can you do if you have trouble setting up your domain? First of all, remember that it may take up to 48 hours for your domain changes to propagate acrossrepparttar 108305 internet. If you wish to verifyrepparttar 108306 settings o­n any domain, you can use our recommended whois tool

    The whois report o­n any domain will tell you aboutrepparttar 108307 current nameservers attached to that domain in addition torepparttar 108308 contact addresses,repparttar 108309 registration date, expiry date andrepparttar 108310 date whenrepparttar 108311 last modifications were made to that domain record. Ifrepparttar 108312 nameservers are not correct then you know you have to change them by logging into your domain name control panel or by contacting your registrar support. Ifrepparttar 108313 name servers that are shown are correct, then you can userepparttar 108314 nslookup tool (Advanced DNS Lookup) fromrepparttar 108315 same page to determinerepparttar 108316 ip address being returned for your domain by any nameserver. Here you should enter o­ne ofrepparttar 108317 nameserver that you find inrepparttar 108318 whois output and see what ip address it returns for your domain name.
    If it does not return an ip address thenrepparttar 108319 nameserver has to be configured to point your domain torepparttar 108320 correct ip address, or you may be usingrepparttar 108321 wrong nameserver.
    If it returns an ip address, You can try typingrepparttar 108322 ip address directly intorepparttar 108323 address bar of your web browser, if it gives a 404 page not found error, then eitherrepparttar 108324 ip address is wrong orrepparttar 108325 webserver is down. If it returns some generic page but not your webpage, that is all right, this is to be expected unless you are using a dedicated ip address. Make sure thatrepparttar 108326 IP address returned isrepparttar 108327 correct o­ne that your web host is providing to you. If you are sure thatrepparttar 108328 ip address is correct and still your website does not show when you type in your domain name inrepparttar 108329 address bar of your browser, then it may be that other people are able to access your site and o­nly you are not able to access it because your local nameserver does not resolve your domain or resolves it wrongly. In that case, if you can find outrepparttar 108330 nameserver your local machine is using, you can enter that nameserver inrepparttar 108331 nslookup tool at and see what ip address it is returning. If your local nameserver is returningrepparttar 108332 wrong ip address all you need to do is wait tillrepparttar 108333 dns changes propagate to your local nameserver, If your local nameserver is returningrepparttar 108334 right ip address, then you must contact your web host to inform them that their webserver is not configured to handle your domain.

    We have covered a lot of ground here, from registering a domain to setting and trouble shooting it. Even if you never need to configure a domain, understandingrepparttar 108335 concepts behind what goes o­n behindrepparttar 108336 scenes when you type a domain name in your browser should make you feel good about yourself. And if you are o­ne of those people who eat domains for breakfast, this article should give you a head start intorepparttar 108337 advanced configuration options available and with a little practice, you will be well on your way to become a Jedi Knight of domain management. Mayrepparttar 108338 force be with you, always.

    By Mufad.
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