Lord, I Never Asked to Be a Cracked Cup

Written by Pam Wickenhauser

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God never did tell me why. He promised instead His unfailing love and His

grace, whichrepparttar Bible says is sufficient. Some how, those promises

didn't seem like enough to bring understanding to my grieving heart. I

ached forrepparttar 127058 children I would never have and a body,

which at least to me, would never look normal.

Healing like after healing line seemed to lack power.

It made me cry out allrepparttar 127059 louder. "Lord, Father,

Almighty in heaven where is Your power?"

Remember me, I never asked to be a cracked cup. Faithful to his word

the Son of Righteousness arose with healing in His wings. A miracle you

ask, I think so.

I am learning to come into His presence to hear His

heart and allow Him to draw me into that solitary

place with Him. There he speaks comfortable to me the

words of life that sustain my soul. You are darling,

my beautiful one. You are my beloved. My banner over

you is love. The word of God to me, which is as ointment poured on to my

hurting heart.

Sometimes, when I look inrepparttar 127060 mirror I still see a cracked cup. When I

askrepparttar 127061 Father what He sees, He

whispers in my ear, "I see Jesus."

The p.s. to this story, in this world and in our cupboards is, there are

many cracked cups. Some have been cracked by their own hand, some because

of circumstances and some it wasrepparttar 127062 way they were created. So when you

choose your next teacup and notice a crack hold it gently torepparttar 127063 Father

and ask Him what He sees.

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The Joy of the Lord

Written by Valerie Garner

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before him enduredrepparttar cross, despisingrepparttar 127057 shame, and is

set down atrepparttar 127058 right hand ofrepparttar 127059 throne of God."

This one blows my mind! Jesus had joy inrepparttar 127060 midst of

facing being crucified, one ofrepparttar 127061 most painful deaths one

could endure. His crucifixion was right ahead, he knew it,

and he was joyful! Why? Because He saw beyondrepparttar 127062 cross,

what it would accomplish. It would accomplishrepparttar 127063 right for

ANY person to be His child and go to heaven if they want.

He did it for us because He loved us so much and wants to

give us so much, if only we will receive Him.

Here's some other really awesome thoughts of how God

views us:

Zephaniah 3:17 says, "The Lord thy God, inrepparttar 127064 midst of

thee is mighty, he will save, he will rejoice over thee

with joy, he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee

with singing."

God sings joyfully over us?! That's what He says. Have

you ever thought that we could make Him happy? All He

wants is our Love, because He loved us first.

In closing one more view of God, Luke 15:4-7 says,

"What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he lost

one of them, would not leaverepparttar 127065 99 inrepparttar 127066 wilderness

and go afterrepparttar 127067 one that is lost until he finds it?

And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders

rejoicing. And when he comes home, he calls together

his friends and neighbors, saying unto them, Rejoice

with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.

I (Jesus) say unto you, that likewise joy shall be

in heaven over one sinner that repents, more than over

the 99 which need no repentance."

Jesus cares so much He seeks out to findrepparttar 127068 ones

who are lost, and it gives Him great joy when He

finds that one. Even all of heaven throws a party!

If you don't know this loving, kind and joyful Jesus

of Nazareth, I'd encourage you to simply ask Him

into your heart. Receive everything He so wants

to give you. Eternal life, joy, andrepparttar 127069 peace of

knowing you're right with God. Just a simple prayer

to Him anywhere of what's on your heart will do, and

watchrepparttar 127070 joy flood your soul! And know also that

you've given Him great joy too.

By Valerie Garner-Get resources to get traffic to your website at no

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An author who strives to touch the hearts of readers.

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