Loose Moissanite Stones, A Great Way to Buy Your Moissanite Wedding Jewelry.

Written by Peter Crump

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When shopping onrepparttar net there are usually a range of settings to choose from. And whilst women love their moissanite jewelry, they usually have exact ideas aboutrepparttar 143294 setting they want. Sometimesrepparttar 143295 merchants offerrepparttar 143296 setting they want, sometimes they donít.

There is, however,repparttar 143297 perfect solution. Loose moissanite stones. The stone is usuallyrepparttar 143298 more expensive part ofrepparttar 143299 ring. The setting is usually cheaper thanrepparttar 143300 stone.

It is perfectly possible to buy loose moissanite stones onrepparttar 143301 net. Why would you buy loose moissanite stones? One reason.

If you buyrepparttar 143302 stone onrepparttar 143303 net you take advantage ofrepparttar 143304 prices and availability. If you then take your moissanite stone to your local store you can browse at your leisure and pick outrepparttar 143305 exact setting that suits you and get your jeweller to setrepparttar 143306 stone for you.

Itísrepparttar 143307 best of both worlds. The low price of buying a moissanite stone onrepparttar 143308 net, andrepparttar 143309 range of choice andrepparttar 143310 enjoyment of browsing in your local store forrepparttar 143311 perfect setting. Andrepparttar 143312 option of getting your favourite jeweller to set it for you.

So for those who are looking for that perfect moissanite engagement ring, look for moissanite stones onrepparttar 143313 net. You will get a stone that compares very favourably to a diamond at a much cheaper price.

And select your favourite setting from your favourite jeweller.

A loose moissanite stone plus your favourite ring setting makes forrepparttar 143314 perfect moissanite engagement ring!

Find out more about Moissanite Stones as well as Moissanite engagement rings, moissanite bridal rings and moissanite earrings at Peter's website, The Magic of Moissanite. © 2005 Peter Crump.

What to Do When Your Child is Stealing

Written by Anthony Kane

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You can never challenge your child with circumstantial evidence. Eitherrepparttar child will lie and you will reinforce his dishonesty or he will confess. If he tellsrepparttar 143218 truth and you punish him, you will be teaching him that it pays to lie. Either way you are stuck. Circumstantial evidence won't do.

Hearing that your child stole from a third party won't do. If your child denies it, then you are forced to believe your child. If you don't, then you will show your child that you don't trust him. Nothing encourages a child to be dishonest more that knowing that his parents don't trust him. Ifrepparttar 143219 child confesses, you will not be able to punish him.

Even if you are 99% sure your child is stealing that is not good enough to accuse him. For example, say that you look in your purse andrepparttar 143220 brand new $50 you took out fromrepparttar 143221 bank yesterday is missing. You put your child's laundry away and you find hidden among his things your brand new $50. You did not catch your child. Maybe someone else also lost a new $50 bill and he found it. Maybe your $50 fell out of your purse and your child found it onrepparttar 143222 street. Unless you see your child reach into your purse and take outrepparttar 143223 $50 you did not see him steal.

4-Make Sure that Your Child Knows What He Did is Wrong

This is particularly true of a younger child.

What to Do When You Catch Your Child

Don't askrepparttar 143224 child for explanations. Merely state that he is not allowed to take things from other people. Do not sermonize. Just use simple explanations.

"Stealing is wrong. You would not want anyone to take your toy. So it's wrong for you to take this toy."

Never imply that your child is bad. Stealing is bad, notrepparttar 143225 child. Do not call your child a thief, dishonest, or a liar or any other name that you do not want him to become. When you give your child a label, he will grow to fill that label.

Correctingrepparttar 143226 Wrong

If Your Child Stole From Someone Outsiderepparttar 143227 Family

Your child must make restitution. If your child stole from a store or from a neighbor, then see that he returnsrepparttar 143228 object. Have your child apologize and say he or she will never do it again. You should accompany your child to make it easier for him to correctrepparttar 143229 damage.

If Your Child Stole Money from You

Estimate what child took and make it clear thatrepparttar 143230 child must pay you back. He may do this by helping aroundrepparttar 143231 house for money. You should pay him enough that he pays off his debt in about a month. Say to him that you realize he needs more money and give him an allowance or increase in allowance.

Hide Temptation

Don't leave money around whererepparttar 143232 child can find it. Tell his siblings that you are going to watch their money for a while. Don't tell them why. Don't send this child torepparttar 143233 store to buy something with a large bill where there will be a lot of change.

Puttingrepparttar 143234 Incident intorepparttar 143235 Past

Figure Out Why Your Child Stole

If he needs more attention make a special effort to give it too him. If he needs to feel more control over his life, give him an increase in allowance and more freedom to spend it as he wishes. If he needs certain things to be part of his peer group, make sure that he gets them.

Continue to Trust Your Child

If your child is stealing it does not mean he is bad or he is a thief. You don't want your reaction to make him become that way. Your child will fulfill your expectations of him. If you view him as a thief, bad, or dishonest he will grow into that label.

Be a Model of Honesty

Children learn by watching their parents. You should show concern aboutrepparttar 143236 property rights of others. A parent who brings office supplies home or boasts about a mistake atrepparttar 143237 supermarket checkout counter, teaches his child that honesty is not important.


Stealing is a common problem. You should view it like any other mistake your child makes. It is something that has to be corrected, but it is not more than that. If you handle it properly, you can correct this problem quickly and easily.

If you want more information on ways that you can teach evenrepparttar 143238 most difficult child to obey you, please see our Child Behavior Program at http://addadhdadvances.com/child-behavior.html

Anthony Kane, MD ADD ADHD Advances http://addadhdadvances.com

Anthony Kane, MD is a physician and international lecturer. Get help for your ADHD child, including (http://addadhdadvances.com/child-behavior.html) child behavior advice, Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Share your views at the (http://adhd-add.blogspot.com) ADD ADHD Blog. Sign up for the free ADD ADHD Advances online journal. Send an email to: subscribe@addadhdadvances.com?subject=subsart.

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