Looking for Success as an Online Affiliate? It's All in the Numbers

Written by David Moore

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Too many online business prospectors lose out because they become impatient. They want that $4000 check this month. They also lose out because they become overwhelmed withrepparttar learning curve. Some lose out because they become victims of over choice and spend themselves out of opportunity by trying to do too many things. They either try to put too many products or services on their shelves (getting into too many online businesses) or they get involved in too many advertising campaigns (while paying too many advertising companies) who are also representing thousands of other businesses.

My Dad was inrepparttar 137388 online business 50 years ago. He pumped gas and oil through rubber hose lines so gas stations could have gas for their customers and homes could have fuel oil to heat them inrepparttar 137389 winter to keep their residents warm. He taught me a valuable lesson aboutrepparttar 137390 online business. He once said to me, ďDave, itís more important for me to make sure my (huge underground) tanks have gas and oil in them than it is make sure my customersí tanks donít run out. Because if I donít have fuel I canít help them even if they do run dry.Ē

What does this have to do withrepparttar 137391 online business numbers game. If I donít take time to check my own tank occasionally, if discouragement and disillusionment sets in and my tank runs dry, if in effect I become overwhelmed and quit becauserepparttar 137392 task seems too formidable, I lose out on a money making opportunity my Dad could not have dreamed would ever be possible. Thirty thousand new potential customers every hour, which calculates out to 720,000 every day, or 21.6 million every month! No, you wonít get all of them, but even if you get one one thousandth of one percent of justrepparttar 137393 new customers per month, which doesnít account for 934 million current users, you will have added 72 people to your downline every month.

Sound unrealistic? Maybe you can do better than one one thousandth of one percent. You dorepparttar 137394 math and then figure out for yourself a strategy whereby you can tap into this enormous wealth potential.

About the Author: David Moore is a member of the Wealth Online Website system. He is a home based online business entrepreneur and teaches at a University (part-time). He has completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at: DavidMoore.ws

Home-Based Business Start-Up Costs - How to Keep Them Under Control

Written by Laurie Hayes

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When I decided to start my coaching business, I was older and wiser, and grateful I made many of my mistakes at an earlier age. I learned from them and knew not to repeat them.

I started small. I had a computer, an old, but reliable printer, a 15-year old calculator and desk, and a comfy office chair.

All I needed was a quality phone capable of handling multiple lines and a headset.

Forrepparttar first twelve months of my business, these items were more than sufficient.

As my business grew and profits increased enough to support additional spending, I upgraded my computer and printer and made improvements in my office.

When starting your new home-based business, understand that your first year can be financially demanding.

Until you have a steady, reliable source of income, it is wise to avoid excessive spending and unnecessary purchases.

Be honest with yourself when making purchases for your business.

Yes, you need a good quality printer with fax/copy and scanning capabilities, but do you needrepparttar 137387 one that is designed for high volume, large scale copying?

If you're not inrepparttar 137388 copying business, a lower volume, lower priced multi-media product will more than serve you.

When starting your business, sit down and determine what you absolutely need to get things going and whatrepparttar 137389 costs will be.

What will your monthly operating expenses be? For example:

-internet access -bank charges -phone/fax lines -auto responder and shopping cart (if online business), -printer cartridges/office supplies -advertising, etc.

Then determine when you expect to start bringing in sales. How much will you need to earn every month to cover your operating expenses?

Not until your basic monthly expenses are covered and a surplus of funds is created should you begin to purchaserepparttar 137390 nice-to haves.

Be frugal during your first year as a home-based business owner. Monitor and understand where your money is coming from and where it is going.

Keep a watchful eye, maintain strict control and pace your spending according to your profits.

By creating structure and remaining vigilant in your spending, you will build a solid foundation for your business.

Build a strong foundation, be financially responsible on an ongoing basis andrepparttar 137391 sky will berepparttar 137392 limit!

Laurie Hayes is a Life Strategy/Small Business Coach and founder of Where the Heart Is Life Coaching.

Laurie specializes in assisting home-based business owners who face the challenges that come with working from home. She is the author of numerous articles and a bi-weekly newsletter, "The Heart of Living."

To subscribe to her free newsletter and learn more about coaching, visit www.wheretheheartis-lifecoaching.com

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