Looking For a Job on the Internet?

Written by Karrie Langmeier

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What to Research

Posting your resume onrepparttar Internet is no different than reviewingrepparttar 119076 latest edition of Consumer ReportsŪ before purchasing your next computer. Knowledgeable consumers make educated decisions. Before posting your resume on any job site, it is important to reviewrepparttar 119077 online Privacy Policy posted on each web site and educate yourself inrepparttar 119078 practices of their site. Do they sell or sharerepparttar 119079 information they collect about their visitors with third parties? Is their database password protected or available torepparttar 119080 general public? Who is allowed access to their database? Do they participate in co-branded sites that share a database? Do you haverepparttar 119081 option to edit your resume once it is posted? Delete it? Choose only select information to be viewable?

You should immediately see red flags if a job site does not have a posted Privacy Policy for you to review - use caution when utilizing their services. The Web is an unparalleled resource to gain employment. The key to successfully locating your next venture is to educate yourself and use it wisely. Happy Hunting!

Karrie Langmeier is the founder of Do A Project.com, an online referral service for contract-based IT employment. Her company specializes in connecting freelancers and firms with outsourced project needs. Contact her at karrie@doaproject.com or visit her web site at http://doaproject.com to post your contract projects and positions for FREE.

Free Internet: What's it Really Cost?

Written by Merle

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BlueLight.com: Did someone say K-Mart? You'd be right on with this free dial up service offered from Yahoo and K-mart combined. The registration process is pretty painful as they ask for a lot of personal information. Your surfing patterns are tracked and shared with third parties. The banner on your screen measures 486x86 pixels. The download is large at 3.51 MB but if you don't want to wait you can fill out a form onrepparttar website and you'll be sent a CD.

NetZero.com: With claims of over 4 million registered users, NetZero must be doing something right. Registration requires a lot of information andrepparttar 119075 download is large at 4.76 MB. The banner on your screen will be 800x88 pixels and you'll be forced to click on it from time to time or face disconnection. Like most other free services they track your surfing patterns and share them with third parties. They also offer free email accounts and customer support.

There are many free dial-up options to choose from. If you don't likerepparttar 119076 ones presented here, go to http://www.nzlist.org/user/freeisp for even more choices.

Whoever coinedrepparttar 119077 phrase "you don't get nothing for free" obviously never knew about free Internet access. As long as you don't mind giving up some of your personal information and viewing banner ads, free dial up is not such a bad deal. Even if you decide to keep your paid ISP, a free dial-up account can come in handy as a backup should your ISP ever go down.

Free Internet access can save you a lot of money, so what are you waiting for? Takerepparttar 119078 money you'll save and buy your honey something nice to help make up for all that time you spend online and if that doesn't work you can always save up for a good divorce attorney.

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