Looking For Satellite TV?

Written by Gary Gresham

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I work out of my home and by selecting a DIRECTV© audio channel to soft music, I can haverepparttar music I like inrepparttar 124134 background when I work.

Having a party? Just turn on any channel you like and you'll never have to touch it again because there are no commercials or interruptions. Just great digital quality music 24 hours a day at your fingertips.

When I moved again to another home, DIRECTV© customer service made it about as easy as it gets. I just gave them my new address, and they not only sent a brand new replacement satellite TV dish to my new home, they provided complimentary standard professional installation for everything includingrepparttar 124135 receivers. I didn't pay a penny for anything. How's that for a no-hassle move?

With cable, I would have had to pay another deposit and that is just extra money I get to keep in my wallet instead of giving it torepparttar 124136 cable company.

If you're thinking about switching from cable to satellite TV or moving to another home, consider DIRECTV©. It's simply a better value than cable and a smart choice you're whole family will enjoy.

With cable rates increasing an average of 8% per year it's no mystery why more than 12 million customers nationwide have maderepparttar 124137 switch to DIRECTV® service.

Over 10 years have gone by now since I bought that first satellite TV dish and I love it as much now as when I first got it. I recommend DIRECTV© to so many people because I know they will absolutely love it.

Only once in a great while a product comes along that actually over delivers. DIRECTV© can not only save you money each month over cable but is a smart choice and an incredible value. Copyright © 2004 1 Stop Shopping Online.com. All Rights Reserved.

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Onemusic - Orwellian Country Music 2005 Prediction

Written by Robert Harper

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Thirty years later, we see rock artists like Kid Rock cross into country, and Tim McGraw ventures ontorepparttar hip-hop scene.

I believe, (and you may or may not agree),repparttar 124133 music industry as a whole is in turmoil. Companies, artists, and groups jockeying for position in a rapidly changing digital world.

This I can predict...repparttar 124134 music industry consolidate and attempt to widen their appeal and shockrepparttar 124135 public. Top artists will increasingly cross boundaries.

Will it all be one music... someday?

Robert Harper owns Harper's Distribution in El Paso, Texas. Robert writes, "I'm a country music fan, and I love talking and writing about country music." Sometimes I find really juicy news (especially if it involves money) and I'll blab it to the whole world. Website: http://www.top-country-songs.com

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