Look out for scams

Written by Stephanie Foster

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In General

Watch out ifrepparttar ad promises hundreds or thousands of dollars with little effort, "guaranteed!" No one can guarantee that any business will succeed, and all businesses require effort and time to make money.

Also beware if no experience is required. While there may be legitimate opportunities out there that do not require experience, it is more likely that they are trying to prey onrepparttar 117242 inexperienced.

LOOK OUT FOR CAPITALIZATION!!! AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Got your attention there, didn't I? That's their goal too. A scam wants you to get so excited about their opportunity that you don't think. Be too smart to fall for that.

Vague ads where you have no idea whatrepparttar 117243 product or service you will be selling are also trouble. Legitimate companies want you to know what you'll be selling, so you'll be excited aboutrepparttar 117244 business andrepparttar 117245 product. Scams just want you to be excited aboutrepparttar 117246 business.

If you feel pressured to make an immediate decision, tell themrepparttar 117247 answer is 'no.' Once again, a legitimate company wants you to be enthusiastic and happy with your decision. If you're buying a franchise opportunity, make sure they have a money back guarantee.

Checkrepparttar 117248 company out onrepparttar 117249 Ripoff Report. Businesses can reply to reports here, so you get both sides ofrepparttar 117250 story. See alsorepparttar 117251 BBB's report on work at home scams.

If You Get Scammed

First try to clear it up withrepparttar 117252 company. If they are uncooperative, let them know that you will be contacting officials aboutrepparttar 117253 matter. Then do it.

* If you found out aboutrepparttar 117254 company on a website, letrepparttar 117255 site know so that they can take it off their site. * Post your story onrepparttar 117256 Ripoff Report, so that others can see your story. * Contactrepparttar 117257 Attorney General in your state orrepparttar 117258 staterepparttar 117259 company is in. * Contactrepparttar 117260 BBB, both your local office and inrepparttar 117261 company's state. * Contactrepparttar 117262 National Fraud Information Center if this was a "get rich quick" or "easy money" scheme. * Your local Consumer Protection Offices. * The Postmaster if you recievedrepparttar 117263 offer inrepparttar 117264 mail. * The Federal Trade Commission. Althoughrepparttar 117265 FTC does not handle individual complaints, they are onrepparttar 117266 lookout for patterns of deception and unfair practices. To register a complaint, write to: Correspondence Branch, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC 20580.

Stephanie Foster is the owner of Home with the Kids, a resource for parents who want to stay home with their families, save money, or work from home. You can visit the site at http://www.homewiththekids.com.

Simple Steps to Project a Professional Home-Business Image

Written by David A. James

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One great tip is to record a new phone message each day withrepparttar date included. For example, “Hello, today is September 17th, this is Dave with Home Income Digest. I’ll be out ofrepparttar 117241 office from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. today, please leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Thank you for your call, have a great day”. Immediately your customer knows you’re still alive and actively in business. They are also more likely to leave a message because it’s obvious you’re serious about keeping your customers informed. Do this every single day; it will pay off.

Fax – Withrepparttar 117242 rise of e-mail, which can use attachments, faxing isn’t as common as it used to be. However, not everyone is handy with creating and using attachments, and there are still situations where fax machines are stillrepparttar 117243 better choice, such as sending a document with a signature. Since a fax machine is dormantrepparttar 117244 vast majority ofrepparttar 117245 time, there really isn’t a need for a separate phone line for your fax, unless of course it’s your primary means of communication for some reason. Most likely, it’s better to get a phone feature called ‘multi-ring service’. For a few dollars a month, this allows you to have two separate phone numbers and ring patterns on one phone line. You setrepparttar 117246 fax to pick up on a double ring, and you know to pick uprepparttar 117247 phone yourself on single rings. If you have yet to buy a fax machine, I would recommend getting a multi-function laser unit that does faxing, printing, scanning, copying, and attaches to your computer as well. This will give you a lot of options for storing and editing documents, along with options for communicating with your customers. But always rememberrepparttar 117248 most important thing about a fax machine - keep it full of paper!

Above all,repparttar 117249 most important, and simple, thing you can do to impart a professional appearance is to physically be in your office at all times during business hours. Inrepparttar 117250 end, no one likes getting passed to an answering machine. But more importantly, there is no way to calculate how much potential business you are losing simply because you’re not there to answerrepparttar 117251 phone.

David James is the editor of “Home Income Digest”, a publication, updated quarterly, presenting more than 40 of the best home-based businesses currently available in the country. Located at http://www.homeincomedigest.com, Home Income Digest includes only well-researched, established, small business opportunities. For more information on the author, visit http://www.homeincomedigest.com/aboutus.htm

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