Look out PDA, here comes TDA!

Written by Chris N. Fernando

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Want to buy it?

Novinit hasnt yet appointed any dealers for Jackito, though as of now they plan to make allrepparttar transactions through their website. The Jackito is available for sale on www.jackito.com at a list price of 600. Novinit says that if you are interested in buyingrepparttar 133400 product, you will have to order it online through their website by remitting $100 and then wait for about 90 days forrepparttar 133401 product to be delivered to you. However, you can chooserepparttar 133402 screen type (color or monochrome), user interface, removable front cover and changeable stick-on strips of your choice. The Jackito is entirely customizable you can choose between add-ons like internal MP3 player, FM radio, microphone, headset, Bluetooth, solar battery charger and much more at an extra cost. According to Arnaud, they will target at "early adopters" for this product, butrepparttar 133403 product is destined for everybody becauserepparttar 133404 product has allrepparttar 133405 facilities that we lack as human beings gigantic memory, vast capabilities for computation, learning, games and communications.

TDAsrepparttar 133406 way to go (or is it not?)

The development ofrepparttar 133407 TDA doesnt stop here in fact this is justrepparttar 133408 beginning. Novinit expects that by April 2005 it will be able to make available innovative accessories forrepparttar 133409 TDA you will be able to choose from WiFi modules, GPS, digital camera (CMOS based), micro-printer, micro-scanner, barcode reader, smart-card reader, TV module and much more. Though TDA seems to be an in thing with allrepparttar 133410 features it talks about, there are certain things that work againstrepparttar 133411 very concept of digital assistant. The Jackito doesnt come with character recognition software built-in. It means that you will have to type throughrepparttar 133412 virtual keyboard onrepparttar 133413 TDAs screen if you want to enter a few important data. This is far more tedious than just scribbling a few notes on a PDA screen withrepparttar 133414 stylus and leavingrepparttar 133415 conversion part torepparttar 133416 handwriting recognition software. The TDA runs on an operating system calledrepparttar 133417 ActilOS, which no one has even heard of before. This means that there wont be any third party applications forrepparttar 133418 TDA, at least immediately. Moreoverrepparttar 133419 product is similar to a PDA its just thatrepparttar 133420 TDA can be used withrepparttar 133421 fingers / thumbs and supports landscape orientation too.

Thoughrepparttar 133422 TDA seems promising enough, time will only tell whether it remains stable inrepparttar 133423 market. So if you want to experiencerepparttar 133424 magic of TDA, logon torepparttar 133425 Jackito's website and click on buy!

Chris N. Fernando is a Sr. Staff Writer with Magazine 360 - an IT magazine published by ITNation, Mumbai (India). He has also worked as Technical Editor with Peer Technical Services and as Reporter for PCQuest and Living Digital magazines. He also writes for The Cheers.com.

Get more of him at: www.chrisfernando.tk

SoftWeb-PDN.com is a hit with programmers

Written by BanPro NET

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SoftWeb-PDN.com doesn't offer much that you can't find elsewhere onrepparttar net, though there are several interesting articles regarding various types of programming techniques published by Scott Bannon onrepparttar 133399 site, but since it pulls information from dozens of programming and developing resources and then presents it in a well structured manner it's easy to understand why coders aroundrepparttar 133400 world prefer this "one stop shopping" approach over visiting all of those resources individually. Best of all, it's completely free to use.

BanPro NET / Bannon Productions has been a leading ISP since 2000

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