Longwood Gardens - A Must Stop On Your Philadelphia Vacation

Written by Emily Strandford

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High tech has also been added successfully torepparttar mix of fountains and fireworks. Computer technology has broughtrepparttar 140063 fountain shows intorepparttar 140064 21st century in a big way. Because Pierre du Pont was always looking to improve Longwood, it's easy to imagine him being thrilled knowing that his gardens still continue to dazzle visitors.

While you're inrepparttar 140065 vicinity, you will want to visitrepparttar 140066 Brandywine River Museum. The Brandywine River Museum is located in a Civil-War era grist mill thats been changed to a museum. This Museum is famously known for its collection of Wyeth family paintings. It's hard to imagine that in this country-like setting is one ofrepparttar 140067 largest and most comprehensive Wyeth collections inrepparttar 140068 world.

The Museum changes its exhibits often. Many ofrepparttar 140069 paintings and other artwork are centered onrepparttar 140070 Brandywine Valley area, as well as other areas of this region. It's quite an experience to be looking at a painting and being able to pinpointrepparttar 140071 location.

There are also many special events duringrepparttar 140072 year both indoor and outdoor, such as concerts, slide shows, crafts fairs. With allrepparttar 140073 presentations, you'll be ready to eat sooner than later and there are Award winning restaurants both at Longwood and The Brandywine Museum. If you are looking for something else, there are plenty of national chain establishments and fast food and everything in between, all within a 10 minute drive.

Withrepparttar 140074 uniqueness of these amazing gardens, you~ll discover something that will make your visit a lasting memory, no matter what your interests are. Because ofrepparttar 140075 spectacular beauty ofrepparttar 140076 open landscapes andrepparttar 140077 fascinating historical presence ofrepparttar 140078 area, people come back over and over,again and again .

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Find the Perfect Getaway In Lawrence, Kansas

Written by Melody Schubert

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Arts & Eateries

Tucked in amongrepparttar boutiques are a variety of galleries featuring museum-quality artwork. Find creative sculptures outdoors in Downtown Lawrence by local and regional artists along with special crafts that expressrepparttar 140041 heart ofrepparttar 140042 region. Head over torepparttar 140043 University of Kansas campus for a spin around one of its four museums, includingrepparttar 140044 Spencer Museum of Art; known as one ofrepparttar 140045 top teaching museums inrepparttar 140046 nation. The restaurants and coffee shops in Lawrence are enough to tempt any palette. Relax outside for lunch on a patio and experiencerepparttar 140047 downtown scene while enjoying tasty treats or find a variety of fine dining options around town.

Relax At A Day Spa, Then Hit The Clubs At Night

Spoil yourself at one of Lawrence's several day spas that offer a wide selection of services to help you unwind before a night onrepparttar 140048 town. Lawrence is known by some in music circles asrepparttar 140049 "New Seattle," because ofrepparttar 140050 new talented musicians who callrepparttar 140051 small town home. Downtown Lawrence is filled with lively clubs featuring a blend of music nightly.

Those who enjoy Broadway shows and live performances will find a hosts concerts, plays, dance performances and Broadway shows offered atrepparttar 140052 University of Kansas Lied Center. The state-of-the-art performing arts center adds a big city touch torepparttar 140053 area with its many fabulous shows features throughoutrepparttar 140054 year.

B&B Or Guest Ranch?

To capturerepparttar 140055 spirit of Lawrence you can stay close torepparttar 140056 action atrepparttar 140057 Halcyon House Bed and Breakfast located in a restored home a few blocks fromrepparttar 140058 university and downtown Lawrence. If you prefer more peace and quiet tryrepparttar 140059 Circle S Ranch. This working guest ranch located a few minutes north of Downtown Lawrence, offer guestsrepparttar 140060 wide open space that make a trip to Kansas one to remember. Call 1-800-625-2839 for details onrepparttar 140061 Circle S Ranch & 1-888-441-0314 for reservations atrepparttar 140062 Halcyon House Bed and Breakfast.

To order a Lawrence Visitor's Guide send an email to visinfo@visitlawrence.com or call toll-free 1-888-LAW-KANS.

Melody Schubert is a travel writer who looks for the intriguing & often overlooked destinations that express the heart of a region. She writes for print & online media, and may be contacted through the Editor at www.usatravelmagazine.com.

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