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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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‘[T]heir criteria for selection will be profoundly marked byrepparttar Anglo-Saxon outlook.’”

Thomas Carlyle understoodrepparttar 138270 need for a paternalistic benefactor or hero and he also knew there were few ethical people who rose to such heights. His protégé John Ruskin has influencedrepparttar 138271 world in many ways I think Carlyle and his Hibernian influenced Illuminati (study Goethe and William of Hesse please) might not have agreed with. However, I am more than a little aware ofrepparttar 138272 Hegelian Dialectic or ‘play both ends againstrepparttar 138273 middle’ program. You might wonder if this all makes any sense at all. It really does not. You might think I amrepparttar 138274 one who makes no sense. I assure you I know what I am talking about but it cannot be conveyed in one book or even two. Here is some more to chew on. It includesrepparttar 138275 Rothschild backed Cecil Rhodes and leads to many modern Rhodes or Bilderberg ‘front’ men like Bill Clinton and his CIA Director Woolsey who properly saysrepparttar 138276 War on Terror is WWIV. All these wars were planned byrepparttar 138277 likes of Rothschild and Albert Pike asrepparttar 138278 19th Century came to a close. “That "simple desire" had been firmly implanted in Rhodes' bosom at Oxford by John Ruskin. Ensconced asrepparttar 138279 first Slade Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford in 1870, Ruskin's influence reached to all corners ofrepparttar 138280 earth and is still widely felt, though seldom recognized, today. ‘He hit Oxford like an earthquake,’ wrote historian Carroll Quigley, ‘not so much because he talked about fine arts, but because he talked also aboutrepparttar 138281 empire and England's downtrodden masses, and above all because he talked about all three of these things as moral issues.’ Tolstoy regarded him as one ofrepparttar 138282 greatest minds of any time or nation. Gandhi carried his message to India. G.B. Shaw and his Fabian Socialist confreres popularized Ruskin's thought worldwide.” (2)

I greatly admire Annie Besant too. She started India as much as Gandhi did. She was one ofrepparttar 138283 very few women to be a Mason and her Fabian influences are many. guest writer

Paternity Testing Regulation: Help or Hindrance?

Written by Tom LeBaron

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Business Perspective Pro: DNA laboratories are able to sell a state utility service to virtually anyone throughrepparttar postal service. The margin on DNA tests is high, and free home kits can be sent across international borders at a very low cost. French labs are much fewer thanrepparttar 137869 number of labs in other countries, andrepparttar 137870 likelihood of business being conducted outside France is quite high. Large international laboratories could predatorily price their tests torepparttar 137871 point where conducting a DNA test can no longer be done locally. DNA labs that are set up inside France will benefit from this legislation because French citizens are not permitted to conduct a test outside ofrepparttar 137872 country. Although industry protection was notrepparttar 137873 reason for adding this article torepparttar 137874 civil code, French labs capturerepparttar 137875 entire national market for paternity testing. Con: Article 16 almost creates a public sector for paternity testing. The market size is reduced because fewer people will be willing conduct a test because ofrepparttar 137876 increased complexity. In other countries, such asrepparttar 137877 UK and Germany, an individual can conduct a test almost whimsically. Having this new technology available torepparttar 137878 general public at an affordable price has expandedrepparttar 137879 market size and allowed businesses to grow. In France, prices are relatively fixed. Consumers make choices based more on location than on price and quality. The legislation also creates an entry barrier for other companies to enterrepparttar 137880 French market. In order for a laboratory inrepparttar 137881 UK to compete in France, it would need to expand operations and build insiderepparttar 137882 country. This infeasibility deters many businesses from expanding into France. Conclusion To some, red tape is an annoyance; to others, it is due process. Although Article 16-11 forces French citizens to undergo a more lengthy process when conducting a paternity test and hinders business competition,repparttar 137883 article servesrepparttar 137884 best interest ofrepparttar 137885 people. To make this legislation less burdensome,repparttar 137886 court-appointed lawyer should be paid for byrepparttar 137887 state. This will allow more citizens to findrepparttar 137888 answers to their family-relation questions.

Tom LeBaron is a marketing representative of DNA Bioscience and Sorenson Genomics. Receive your own free home paternity test kit, or learn more about DNA profiling.

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