Log Work Bench Plan

Written by Dave Markel

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Measure and markrepparttar legs 8-1/2" fromrepparttar 143629 bottom forrepparttar 143630 lower rails andrepparttar 143631 stretchers. These holes are at 90 to each other. Drill another set of holes 8-1/2" fromrepparttar 143632 top forrepparttar 143633 upper set of stretchers.

Dry fit everything together to make sure it all fits. Disassemble pieces and start to gluerepparttar 143634 workbench together using clamps to ensure a tight joint.

After glue has set up use a block plane to flattenrepparttar 143635 top edge ofrepparttar 143636 upper rails to acceptrepparttar 143637 top.

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Make a body pillow from an old bedsheet

Written by Janice Wee

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Fold this rectangle lengthwise. This is going to berepparttar shape of your body pillow.

Sew alongrepparttar 143334 outer edges of this long rectangle, leaving one narrow side open forrepparttar 143335 stuffing.

Now turnrepparttar 143336 rectangle inside out and stuff it withrepparttar 143337 other bed sheet to plump it up.

Sewrepparttar 143338 opening shut and you have a brand new body pillow.

Now get new cheap bedding sets to replacerepparttar 143339 old ones to give your bedroom a brand new look. These are branded bedding sets going cheap because ofrepparttar 143340 discounts. Also check out these discount bedding sets forrepparttar 143341 best value for your money.

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