Locusts for Lunch?

Written by Kathleen F. Brack

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You might considerrepparttar nutritional angle. Termites have considerably more protein than a steak, for example and that protein has more amino acids essential to our diet than any other animal.

Insects can be ‘farm raised’. You can breed them like cattle, and in a smaller space with less odor!

They could be marketed as a simple solution to world hunger. (Many nations already commonly eat insets, byrepparttar 113071 way.) There are over five million species roamingrepparttar 113072 earth, so we would definitely enjoy more variety in our dishes.

Rather than being crop destroyers, they would berepparttar 113073 crop.

If you are curious, why don’t you pick uprepparttar 113074 book, 'Entertaining with Insects', and try out a few dishes at your next formal dinner party. And chefs, considerrepparttar 113075 colorful presentations you could make! Real butterflies……

I’ll bet that if you dipped them in chocolate you could get almost anyone to try one.

...We ate in a seafood restaurant last night and I sadly passed onrepparttar 113076 lobster tail.

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Kathleen Brack. BFA Design and Fine Art. Has worked in the restaurant industry as well as in medical care where she became interested in nutrition and holistic health practices. She later became an Art Director for a broadcasting company. Her illustrations have been published in major magazines, and she is recipient of many Art and Literature Awards.

Specialty Gourmet Coffee

Written by Gary Gresham

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Sincerepparttar 1990'srepparttar 113070 growing popularity ofrepparttar 113071 coffee houses and specialty gourmet coffee retailers, have made gourmet coffee one ofrepparttar 113072 fastest growing food services markets inrepparttar 113073 world. Inrepparttar 113074 United States alone, it nets approximately $8.5 billion a year. Some have compared specialty gourmet coffee to wine. The aromas and flavors have similarities in howrepparttar 113075 consumer connects withrepparttar 113076 two beverages. The characteristics of gourmet coffee however, are more even complex than wine. The coffee bean is more dependent on altitudes, climate and soil variation than withrepparttar 113077 grapes used for wine. The history and tradition ofrepparttar 113078 specialty coffee grower makes this a very complex beverage. So pour yourself a cup of your favorite specialty gourmet coffee, sit back and enjoy, you deserve it. Copyright © 2005 Perfect All Rights Reserved.

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