Locating a Telecommuting Opportunity... As easy as shooting a watermelon out your nose!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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Some ofrepparttar more relevant keywords I've successfully used in my searches include: freelance, telecommute, telecommuting, telecommuter, , work at home, work from home, telework, off-site, offsite. The keyword includes any keyword that would apply to your field or any field of your choice.

* Other Resources

An additional resource isrepparttar 102086 USENET newsgroups. USENET provides 60,000 or more newsgroups that contain thousands of postings. Several groups contain important job postings that can potentially lead to a telecommuting contract opportunity. One ofrepparttar 102087 primary sites that provides a searchable front-end to USENET is Google (http://www.google.com).

Other useful tools for Web and newsgroup searches arerepparttar 102088 WebFerret and NewsFerret by FerretSoft (http://www.ferretsoft.com). Another great tool is Copernic by Copernic Technologies (http://www.copernic.com/). These applications provide user-friendly front-ends and search several servers simultaneously from your local machine. I use these tools allrepparttar 102089 time for job searches as well as research for my writing.

--- Make Yourself Known ---

Many employers search for potential employees onrepparttar 102090 various job boards aroundrepparttar 102091 Web. It's essential that you have an up-to-date resume posted at these sites so you can be found. Some ofrepparttar 102092 sites for successfully acquiring jobs through resume postings include:

- eWork --- http://www.ework.com - Dice --- http://www.dice.com - Guru.com --- http://www.guru.com - Headhunter.net --- http://www.headhunter.net - Net-Temps --- http://www.net-temps.com - Monster.com --- http://www.monster.com

It's also a good idea to create a Web site that shows your portfolio of work. Provide a couple of resumes targeting your desired jobs, a few samples of your work, and an explanation ofrepparttar 102093 type of job that interests you. Promoterepparttar 102094 site and placerepparttar 102095 URL in your e-mail signature so that prospective employers can locaterepparttar 102096 site and get a glimpse of your abilities.

--- The Interview ---

One thing I always do before an interview is to learn as much as possible aboutrepparttar 102097 company from their Web site. I learn about what they do and find out about their key players. Ifrepparttar 102098 company doesn't have a Web site, they're probably not going to support telecommuting.

Another way to find out information is to do a Web search on various keywords associated withrepparttar 102099 company. For instance, searching for their name, their product, or their industry topics will usually provide quite a bit of background.

Once you learn about them, prepare a small statement that summarizesrepparttar 102100 company. Also, prepare some questions related to your target job. When you're asked if you have questions, state your summary torepparttar 102101 interviewer and flow into your first question. This letrepparttar 102102 interviewer know that you tookrepparttar 102103 time to do research. Make sure that you ask for examples of what you'll be doing as well as information on benefits for telecommuters.

--- Landing a Job ---

Many potential employers will tell you that you'll have to spend time in their office. Forrepparttar 102104 most part, that's not entirelyrepparttar 102105 case. Realize that many companies are still inrepparttar 102106 mode of having people in-house.

You don't have to accept every job that comes your way. For one, if you take on too many things, you'll never be able to finish anything torepparttar 102107 proper level of care required. Keep moving forward in your direction and your search. Just remember, you're looking for a telecommuting opportunity!

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas with his singer/actress wife. He currently handles technical writing tasks for various companies in New York, Chicago, and Denver as well as imagineers and markets feature-length screenpl


Written by Greg Slavens

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And keep your eye onrepparttar prize.

Now that you have a measurable goal down on paper, and you've broken it down into manageable parts, you need to look at allrepparttar 102085 obstacles that are stopping you - or have stopped you inrepparttar 102086 past - from reaching it. Write them down.

Then, for each obstacle you define, figure out what resources are available to you to get over, or past, or through, that barrier. Negative self-talk in your way?

Create affirmations you can use, daily, to counter-act it. A well-meaning friend or relative tries to stop you? Make a list of allrepparttar 102087 folks you know who support you! For every obstacle, there is a solution. Find yours, record them - and keep your eye onrepparttar 102088 prize.

Finally, you need to determine ways that you will reward yourself. And don't wait until you get overrepparttar 102089 mountain - build in a suitable reward for each way-point, each time you push past an obstacle onrepparttar 102090 way to your goal.

All of these steps WILL move you closer to reaching your goal if you follow them. What's stopping you now?

Is your eye onrepparttar 102091 prize?

Greg Slavens follows his own advice, and can be contacted through his website at http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R23994_EZTraff

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