Local Search Optimization: Think Globally, Act Locally

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Now in regards to getting indexed by Yahoo! Local, it is important to know two things upfront. First, your business may already be indexed by Yahoo! Local so it is best to do a search first. Second, Yahoo! Local is now offering a free 5-page website to small business owners who want to establish a web presence. This promotion is to encourage business owners to get listed locally so that Yahoo! can continue to expand its map of businesses per region. If you find your business is already listed in Yahoo! Local, then checkrepparttar information for accuracy since sometimes there are errors. These errors are easily corrected by going throughrepparttar 135631 sign up process. For more information see http://local.yahoo.com/

By usingrepparttar 135632 3 key methods listed above, your website will get a jumpstart inrepparttar 135633 local search arena. Also, donít forget a link-building campaign as well since youíll need a few relevant links pointing back to your website. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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Do search engines like your Web site?

Written by Paul Silver and David Rosam

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Links like these will look something like this:

<a href="index.html" rel="nofollow">Home Page</a>

Page addresses to avoid

Spiders will also ignore pages if they don't likerepparttar URL (the address needed to findrepparttar 135498 page).

For example, a Web site that has URLs containing several variables can cause spiders to ignorerepparttar 135499 page content. You can spot pages like these as they have a ? in them, and &, for instance:


This URL has three variables,repparttar 135500 parts withrepparttar 135501 = in them, betweenrepparttar 135502 ? and &s. We find that if a page has one variable, or even two,repparttar 135503 top search engines will spider them without any problems. But if a URL has more than that, oftenrepparttar 135504 search engines will not spider them.

Spiders particularly avoid URLs that look like they have 'session IDs' in them. They look something like this:


The set of numbers and letters do not make much sense to humans, but some Web sites use them to keep track of who you are, as you click through their Web site.

Spiders will generally avoid URLs with Session IDs in them, so if your Web site has them, you need to talk torepparttar 135505 people who developedrepparttar 135506 site about re-writing it so they do not use these IDs, or at least that you can get aroundrepparttar 135507 Web site without them.

Clean links = happy spiders

If you use clean, easy to follow links without several variables in them, your Web site should be spidered without problem. There are, of course, many other facets to successful Search Engine Optimization, but ifrepparttar 135508 search engines can't spider your content, your site will fall atrepparttar 135509 first hurdle.

Paul Silver and David Rosam are Head of Technical SEO and Head of SEO Copywriting at Web Positioning Centre (http://webpositioningcentre.co.uk). Paul has been involved with the Web commercially since 1996 and David has been writing marketing copy for 20 years, and writing for the Web for a decade.

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