Living in Abundance: May the Force Be With You

Written by Carmellita M. Brown

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We haverepparttar power to transformrepparttar 141918 immaterial torepparttar 141919 material. We haverepparttar 141920 power to transmute a mental thought into a material manifestation that we can hear, touch, and see. This power give usrepparttar 141921 ability to createrepparttar 141922 life we want to live.

Letrepparttar 141923 force be with you. Live in true abundance. For more information on how to live in abundance please visit Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance located at .

*Carmellita M. Brown is a Wellness and Success Coach. She is the Instructor for the online course “Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance” located at and the online course “Lose Weight While becoming a Wellness Coach” located at

Top Questions Series - How to deepen your sexual experience?

Written by Elisha Goldstein

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As you practice Mindful Sex you will give yourselfrepparttar chance to discover what it is that you really like and you will begin to feel more comfortable communicating that to whomever you are having sex with, even if that person is yourself (i.e., masturbation). Here isrepparttar 141884 gist:

As you begin to practice mindful sex, it is important to remember one thing: Whatever it is that you are doing, do it slightly slower than usual. This does not mean go in slow motion, it means just go slightly slower than you would think to go. As you move slightly slower, you give yourselfrepparttar 141885 opportunity to really be there in that moment and notice things that you may not have noticed. If you are giving a massage, you get to feel howrepparttar 141886 person’s skin actually feels, is there a scent torepparttar 141887 oil? If so, inhale it. Ifrepparttar 141888 oil is edible, take an extra moment to lick it and truly taste it in your mouth. Look over your partner and take a moment to take in allrepparttar 141889 little nuances ofrepparttar 141890 person’s body. By slightly slowing down, you also allow yourself to relax a bit, and this not only helps in making this a richer experience, but also helps reduce anxiety if that is an issue (e.g., being overly sensitive or premature ejaculation).

You can apply this in every moment of sex that you find yourself in. For example, when you are giving oral sex, go slightly slower and noticerepparttar 141891 smell and taste involved, feelrepparttar 141892 texture ofrepparttar 141893 other person, is it soft/rough? What doesrepparttar 141894 person’s vagina or penis look like? As you go slightly slower you’ll find that it is not so difficult to notice these things and it will draw you deeper intorepparttar 141895 experience and give yourepparttar 141896 gift that you have not been privy to experience inrepparttar 141897 past.

Ofcourse, you can apply this to intercourse as well. No matter your gender or sexual orientation, there is often some sort of sexual intercourse involved. It is important to let your partner know that you want to go slightly slower this time in whatever way you feel comfortable communicating that. Asrepparttar 141898 intercourse begins, noticerepparttar 141899 sensations you are feeling. All parts of you are experiencing sensations from your head to your penis or vagina to your feet. If you find yourself thinking about something, notice that you are thinking about something and gently bring yourself back to your sensations. If you find yourself judging your self orrepparttar 141900 other person, just notice that you are judging and gently bring yourself back to your sensations.


Paying attention to your sensations may also broaden your horizons on things you want to do. Maybe you notice that while having intercourse that you are not tasting anything so you decide to taste your partner by kissing or licking him/her. Maybe you want to smell your partner more to bring in that sensation. Maybe you open your ears and begin to hear whatrepparttar 141901 sex you are having sounds like. Maybe you’re now noticing forrepparttar 141902 first time what other areas of your body are being touched during intercourse besides your penis, vagina, or nipples. You might just discover an erotic area of your body that you had not noticed before (e.g., back ofrepparttar 141903 knees, toes).

Having mindful sex is simply a teaching and a suggestion. If a spontaneous act of aggressive sex comes out and it is not a slightly slowed down process, than that is Ok too. This is simply an opportunity to broaden your awareness about yourself duringrepparttar 141904 act of sex and deepeningrepparttar 141905 richness of your experience. Of all things we have to experiment with on this planet, this is surely one ofrepparttar 141906 top. So, responsibly, go off and try this out, have fun, and broaden your horizons! You may just find that sex is a far more sensual and sacred experience than you had previously imagined.

Elisha Goldstein is a 4th year doctoral student at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto. He is currently exploring how the cultivation of sacred moments in daily life affects well-being and stress. If you would consider participating in this invaluable study, please go to You can also check out

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