Living an Overabundant Life

Written by Detra Davis

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The truth ofrepparttar matter is not matter how much stuff or junk we have it is all expendable. Itís a little known fact that you donít get out of life alive and you are taking nothing with you. There is not one single person who left this life with a case of toilet tissue or a 200 pound box of Tide, honest.

So whatís a stuff junkie to do? Get rid ofrepparttar 143717 stuff. Sell it, donate it, give it away, but de-clutter your existence. If you have a bedroom that is cluttered with stuff, move everything out butrepparttar 143718 bed and dresser. Live inrepparttar 143719 room for 30 days before bringing anything back in and then decide what is missing. This can be done with any room in your home or apartment. Keep onlyrepparttar 143720 essential items and leave everything else out for 30 days. Just try it. There is energy in an uncluttered room that does not exist whenrepparttar 143721 room is filled with junk.

The same is true of books and magazines. Remember you can only read one book at a time and withrepparttar 143722 availability of or you can buyrepparttar 143723 book again. Keep only those books and magazines that you refer to often, but if you have not read it in 30 days, toss it. Ifrepparttar 143724 items inrepparttar 143725 room are growing dust bunnies and spider webs have taken over, itís time for a de-clutter intervention.

The best way to live an abundant life is to not live an overabundant one.

Detra D. Davis is a writer and Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is the author of two e-books, Job Search 101 and Catering From My Kitchen. Detra may be reached at or by mail at J. Davis & Associates Publishing, P. O. Box 4935, Cary, North Carolina 27519-4935

Celebrate the 4th and Help a Soldier

Written by Susan Fitter

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So,repparttar best way forrepparttar 143680 rest of us to letrepparttar 143681 troops know we care about them, is to send a donation of $25.00 to sponsor a care package throughrepparttar 143682 United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO.) USO care packages will include pre-paid phone cards, sunscreen, toiletries, disposable camera and a message fromrepparttar 143683 donor thanking them for their service and sacrifice.

It still makes for an easy party idea: Each family brings a $25.00 check made out to USO and fills out a USO form stating their personal message torepparttar 143684 troops. The collective package of checks and forms is then sent to:

Operation USO Care Package Post Office Box 8069 Topeka, KS 66608

Questions? Call: 571-262-1485 or email To discuss fund raising opportunities, please contact Lisa Frederick at

Susan Fitter, M.A., AICI cares about manners because people with manners care. Catch her at:

Susan Fitter, M.A., AICI, is the force behind Fitter Image, Etiquette & Protocol, the firm she founded in 2003 as a veteran image consultant. Susan received her training in Etiquette and Protocol from the internationally acclaimed Protocol School of Washington. She is a certified member of The Association of Image Consultants International and The Protocol and Diplomacy International.

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