Living a Relaxing and Profitable Lifestyle with the 80/20 Rule

Written by Chris Brown

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Read on and see how we will utilize these ideas to free up some of our time.

For some of you, it will be hard to figure out what your vital tasks are from this visualization; I urge you to analyze your tasks on paper. Take a sheet of paper and make one line downrepparttar center from top to bottom and one line acrossrepparttar 116931 middle, side to side. Choose one ofrepparttar 116932 four boxes and write your ‘vital few' tasks; dedicaterepparttar 116933 other 3 boxes to your ‘trivial many'. Use a pencil and eraser, sometimesrepparttar 116934 trivial stuff becomes vital.

Make Time

You probably already have some sort of daily routine that you follow to complete your tasks. Focus only onrepparttar 116935 ‘vital few' in this time; your work will take less time than you are used to. Now, make some time to relax, take care of some non business chores or just hang out with your family or some friends.

Tomorrow, or will it berepparttar 116936 next day, focus onrepparttar 116937 ‘vital few' and get some work done. When you're done with your ‘vital few', go over torepparttar 116938 big box (metaphor) and get out some of your ‘trivial many' – work for a while.

Switch Daily

Day 1, work on your vital tasks and then take time off. On day 2, work on your vital tasks and then accomplish some of your trivial tasks. For day 3, work on your vital tasks and then go have some fun. Day 4 - work on your vital tasks and get some ofrepparttar 116939 trivial stuff done too. Repeatrepparttar 116940 process during your weekdays and take at least one whole day off onrepparttar 116941 weekend.

For all of your hard work, you deserve free time. Don't letrepparttar 116942 trivial parts of your home business take up all of your personal time; enjoy life and remember to stay relaxed.


Findrepparttar 116943 important tasks and take care of them daily; Findrepparttar 116944 not so important tasks and only work on them every other day. Onrepparttar 116945 days in betweenrepparttar 116946 not so important tasks, spend some time doing what you enjoy (besides working) and remember, don't forget to enjoy a full day off here and there.

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The Wholesale Misconception

Written by Chris Malta

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In fact, a few days ago, I went online and bought a couple of SmartMedia memory cards for my digital camera. I could have gotten them for a very cheap price that I found onrepparttar 'Net, but I chose to pay $5 more each for them becauserepparttar 116930 cut-rate site looked cheesy, and I was not sure I could trust them. I was more than happy to payrepparttar 116931 extra ten bucks total when I foundrepparttar 116932 same products at a higher priced site. The site was well-built, easy to navigate, and went out of it's way to explain it's customer service policies to me. I'd rather spend an extra ten bucks and be confident thatrepparttar 116933 cards would show up at my door than lose thirty bucks plus shipping to a site I didn't feel I could trust. As a small business owner, you should remember to choose comparison areas very carefully. Too many people simply go torepparttar 116934 big search engines and look forrepparttar 116935 absolute lowest price on earth, and then give up on selling that item if they can't beat it. That'srepparttar 116936 wrong approach, as I've mentioned above. You need to be comparing prices against sites that will be seen inrepparttar 116937 same places that your site will be seen, and even if your prices are higher, you can bring in sales by building a clean, focused site. Alternatively, you can simply sellrepparttar 116938 models that others are NOT selling. After you begin to earn some profit, you can then start to buy and stockrepparttar 116939 better sellers in quantity, lowering your price, if you really want to. Even then, you're going to run into stores that stock a lot of merchandise, and are getting price breaks on greater quantities. This allows them to sell at a lower price. Go around them. Sell models that they don't, fromrepparttar 116940 same brand names. You don’t have to purposely go head-to-head withrepparttar 116941 big superstores. They don’t carry every product ever made on earth. Sell something inrepparttar 116942 same general brand and product lines that they DON’T haverepparttar 116943 shelf space for! Besidesrepparttar 116944 reasons mentioned above, there are also too many people who buy entire pallet loads of last year's closeouts, liquidations, and refurbished goods, and claim that they are NEW. They get that junk at "rock bottom" prices, and of course, sell them dirt-cheap, foolingrepparttar 116945 customer (and other Internet retailers) into thinking that they haverepparttar 116946 corner onrepparttar 116947 best wholesale prices around, when they DON'T. The important thing is to work effectively withinrepparttar 116948 framework of available products and prices, and work around those who have millions of dollars available to stock inventory. That's what THEY did in order to EARN those millions inrepparttar 116949 first place. You can do it too. I know it's frustrating to be just starting out, and thinking that you can't succeed because of competition from large stores. That's just not true. We're succeeding at it, and so are thousands of others. You just have to be willing to be flexible, and to make serious decisions forrepparttar 116950 good of your business. You may have to give up selling certain products that you personally like, in order to make money on other products whether you like them or not. You’re in business to make money, not to satisfy your personal taste. One thing I tell people allrepparttar 116951 time is that it’s very important to “jump throughrepparttar 116952 hoops” and form a LEGAL business. It’srepparttar 116953 right thing to do, and it’srepparttar 116954 ONLY way to work with GENUINE wholesale suppliers. However, anyone in business will tell you thatrepparttar 116955 hoops never end; not for home businesses, and not for big businesses either. Evenrepparttar 116956 big guys spend much of their time "hoop-jumping" in order to be successful. Imagine howrepparttar 116957 purchasing agents at CompUSA feel when they spend a million dollars on 19" monitors so they can sell them for $329, and a week later, they find that Best Buy spent three million buying uprepparttar 116958 same monitor at a better price break, and is now advertising them for $298. Suddenly CompUSA can't compete. Should they throw a tantrum, and beraterepparttar 116959 wholesaler for simply performingrepparttar 116960 normal function of a wholesaler? Of course not. They can simply stop advertising that monitor by itself, and bundle it with an entire computer system that has it's own serious price breaks, and moverepparttar 116961 monitors that way. Adapt and improvise. There are no magic bullets, even though there are plenty of people who will tell you that there ARE. Don’t believe them! When you’re in business you will always have to compete. It's all part of sales, onrepparttar 116962 Internet or anywhere else. Chris Malta WorldWide Brands, Inc. For more information, visit

Chris Malta is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has worked with computer Systems for 18 years. He's been involved in eCommerce systems, networking and site design for more than 6 years. He's taught college-level computer courses in Western NY. He developed The Drop Ship Source Directory, and he and his partners at Worldwide Brands, Inc., publish the Directory and run eCommerce sites of their own using Drop Shipping as their only business method.

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