Living With Power

Written by Alan Tutt

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At one time, I did try to promote myself forrepparttar desktop publishing work. I soon realized that I didn't enjoy doing other people's layouts, so I dropped it. And now that I've decided to pursuerepparttar 122392 writing goals that I wanted to achieve, I am finding that this is extremely satisfying. When I decided to pursuerepparttar 122393 photography as a business, I was strongly pulled between that andrepparttar 122394 writing. I knew that I wanted to put together at least one book during my lifetime. And I knew that that book would be focused onrepparttar 122395 knowledge that I have been working with for many, many years onrepparttar 122396 Keys To Power.

Now that I am offering my writings and my teachings torepparttar 122397 world, I am finding that they are being very well received. I also am finding thatrepparttar 122398 profit potential with this is so much higher than photography ever could be! While I make at least $1000 to photograph a wedding, and could charge as much as $2500 (once I put together some high-quality sample books), I am finding that I could make ten times as much forrepparttar 122399 time I am investing in writing my materials, even though I am offering many of them for free! Believe me, I am tapping into Power to directrepparttar 122400 course of events in my writing career. It is working extremely well!

So what other things have I been able to do with Power? Although you may not believe many ofrepparttar 122401 things I will describe, everything I say here is true.

I have been able to direct weather patterns. There have been many times when it was raining and I needed to be outside, not wanting to get wet. After a few minutes of working with Power, I have been able to stoprepparttar 122402 rain. Wind is something that I have not had as much success with, although I can sometimes increase or decreaserepparttar 122403 speed ofrepparttar 122404 wind. Tornadoes are very unpredictable things, but there was one time a tornado was heading directly towardrepparttar 122405 house I was living in atrepparttar 122406 time, and within a minute or two of working with Power,repparttar 122407 tornado dissipated. I don't know whether it was my work that did that or not, butrepparttar 122408 timing is interesting. I once had a girlfriend that had a small garden. She mentioned that it would be nice if there would be a little rain each day to waterrepparttar 122409 garden. Forrepparttar 122410 rest ofrepparttar 122411 summer, we had light rains practically every day. A few months after we broke up, I finally realized thatrepparttar 122412 continual rain (which I really didn't care for) was something I had set up. So I directed Power to stoprepparttar 122413 rains. They stopped.

I was able to find jobs where I was paid to pretty much sit around, doing some occasional work, which wasn't very difficult. I was able to do a lot of reading, studying, and listening to music while on these jobs. It's nice to be paid to do your own thing. I have had friends ask me to help them create various circumstances, such as jobs, relationships, and health issues. Most of them reported satisfying results. I thinkrepparttar 122414 few that reported no results were not open torepparttar 122415 assistance and wanted to believe that they were beyond help. They were unconsciously using Power to thwart my efforts.

I have also been able to use Power to drive psychic perceptions. This is an area that originally intrigued me, and where I started with very poor abilities. When I started learning about Power, any test I took of my psychic abilities were either flat out chance scores, or worse than chance. I couldn't guess numbers, cards, dice, or perceive where someone was, what they were thinking, or tell you anything about a person I hadn't met. After training myself properly, I have been able to have someone give me a name of someone I had never met, and then proceed to describe that person with about 90% accuracy.

There were even a few times when I gave informationrepparttar 122416 person sitting in front of me didn't know aboutrepparttar 122417 third person. One case in particular, I sawrepparttar 122418 man with dark black hair. The woman in front of me said no, he had always been blond. I checked again and sawrepparttar 122419 black hair. Everything else I told her she affirmed, but notrepparttar 122420 black hair. A few days later, she called to tell me that her friend was inrepparttar 122421 habit of bleaching out his hair, and that she had never known that. There have been many more instances where my Power-enhanced psychic abilities have proven accurate.

As I said before, living with Power is wonderful. While I may not be atrepparttar 122422 level of materializing money out of thin air, or teleporting myself across vast distances, or even predictingrepparttar 122423 numbers of a lottery, working with Power has made my life smooth, easy, and very satisfying. And since I knowrepparttar 122424 basic principles of Power, andrepparttar 122425 exercises to develop my use of it, I know that those way-out abilities will eventually be mine if I continue to work towards them.

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Would you like to be God?

Written by Alan Tutt

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The central beliefs ofrepparttar Keys To Power are simple. There are only 5. They are:

Bringing yourself into alignment with Power (or God, or Spirit) gives you access to more Power.

Power is directed into use by your thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative.

If you don't like something, use Power to create what you do like. Blame is useless.

There is no good or evil, only desirable or not.

Living with Love makes Life wonderful!

Inrepparttar 122391 process of creating this system, I explored many theories about Power and God. The one basic theory which seems to hold everything together is this: Everything is connected, there is only One Being, of which we are all a part. And if this One Being has Infinite Power, then each one of us has access to this Power. And if there is only One Being, then I am no different fromrepparttar 122392 next person who is no different from you who is no different from God! At least at some level, that is.

But at what level? Here is that interesting theory I came up with. Mind you, it's only a theory and I do not claim that it is reality. Consider this. How do we know that our reality has any existence outside ofrepparttar 122393 Mind of God? What if you, I, and everything we experience in Life is only a daydream. If you've seenrepparttar 122394 movie 'The Matrix', then you have some idea of what I'm talking about. Or what ifrepparttar 122395 substance of our reality does exists, but God is playing all ofrepparttar 122396 parts? Much like a computer game whererepparttar 122397 computer plays many characters. Firstrepparttar 122398 computer playsrepparttar 122399 game as one character, then another, then another, switching between all of them so fast that you,repparttar 122400 human player see everything happening simultaneously. Maybe God is playing allrepparttar 122401 parts in this grand play of Life. At one moment, God is me, then you, then your boss, then my lover, then someone else, and on and on until God is playingrepparttar 122402 part of my character again. Maybe God is switching between all of us so fast that we perceive it all to be one continuous flow.

Or there could be this variation. If time is simply another dimension which can be traveled, and on a higher level, all time co-exists, then God could move intorepparttar 122403 Creation and play one part allrepparttar 122404 way through. Then go back in and play another part allrepparttar 122405 way through. Then another and another until allrepparttar 122406 parts have been played. And since God is playing multiple characters in this play, andrepparttar 122407 characters exists simultaneously in time, then each one of us is God pretending to be human!

As I said, this is only a theory, but how can we prove or disprove it? It's true that we don't feel like God, but that may simply berepparttar 122408 act that God is putting on while playing our part. Human actors in a play do not portray their characters as themselves. They portrayrepparttar 122409 characters as those characters will be known. Until we are capable of transcending our level of reality and learn to see beyond our limiting dimensions we will never really knowrepparttar 122410 truth. Maybe we really are God and we just don't know it.

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