Live support from your website? Can you do it for free?

Written by Ed Charkow

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My business is exploding. I have gotten 15 small copy writing jobs in a matter of days just because they can contact me instantly. In dollar signs this free script has paid for itself quite a few thousand times over. Because ofrepparttar types of service my website provides, there really isn't a way for my clients to just "checkout," most of them need to speak with me and I need to speak with them to give them an accurate quote. They expect someone providing a service like mine to be professional and a live help desk is really helping me do that for my clients.

I'm surerepparttar 134849 fact that my "presence" on-line is now much more professional I will get even more clients on a regular basis because they can contact me easily and my competition might take 3 days to get back to them.

Will it work for your site? Probably, if your selling anything it's nice to be able to talk withrepparttar 134850 folks who are your customers. It leads to more referrals and additional work. If your not putting customer service atrepparttar 134851 top of your priorities your missing out onrepparttar 134852 best part of being a webmaster. Security.

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Avoid These 5 Web Site Blunders!

Written by Alexandria Brown

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Interestingly, I occasionally seerepparttar opposite problem. For example, a respected law firm's site shouldn't shout excitedly at customers as in a sweepstakes offer. Ask yourself: "How do my customers want to be talked to?" and THAT'S your answer.

BLUNDER #4: Designing cryptic navigation.

Unfortunately, many sites don't seem to be truly designed withrepparttar 132118 end user in mind. Consider why users are visiting your site, then turn those reasons into your main navigation choices. Try to limit them to 8 or less. Then, create sub-navigation within those choices. But if there's an especially popular page on your site, why not put a special direct link fromrepparttar 132119 home page? For example, onrepparttar 132120 home page of our site, we keep a direct link to our latest article or information about new awards we've won.

BLUNDER #5: Making it difficult to contact you or place an order.

I recently visitedrepparttar 132121 Web site of an acclaimed furniture manufacturer, and I was ready to order one of their renowned ergonomic chairs. I clicked around, foundrepparttar 132122 chair I wanted, and then quickly grew irate. Not only couldn't I find where to order it online, I couldn't even find their phone number to call and order one or findrepparttar 132123 nearest dealer! The results? One lost customer.

Put your phone number, an e-mail link, and a link to your order form (if you have one) on every page of your Web site. Don't rely on your users havingrepparttar 132124 patience to take a few extra steps. Make it as easy as possible, and they'll be much more likely to follow through (and return)!

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