Live 8 - will it work?

Written by Simon Mitchell

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There are different ways of working, earning and saving that do not invest in earth exploitation - such as LETS (Local Economic Trading System), co-operatives, ethical banking, credit unions and other group activity.

There are different value systems that valuerepparttar hand-made craft item overrepparttar 147246 industrial,repparttar 147247 mended overrepparttar 147248 built-in obsolescence,repparttar 147249 home-made or found overrepparttar 147250 purchased,repparttar 147251 grown overrepparttar 147252 bought.

There are ways of thinking that generate creative new solutions to old problems, helping us all to do more with less. There are improvements in communications that help us all with making these changes.

We can reclaim our power fromrepparttar 147253 forces that create poverty withrepparttar 147254 choices we make every day. Respect to Sir Geldof and all who are focusing onrepparttar 147255 problems of poverty. Bringing pressure to bear onrepparttar 147256 G8 for a fairer world is a grand move - but there is only so much that governments can and will do.

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Thirty positive actions for a sustainable Earth: There are many ways we can use our human energy to lightenrepparttar 147257 load on natural resources and tread lightly on our home planet. Check how many of these you do already:

Eyes down forrepparttar 147258 prize fight: Present philosophy verses eco-philosophy. Henryk Skolimoski provides a startling model of two opposed value systems. This spider diagram reveals a mind map by a genius who was Philosopher in Residence at Dartington Hall.

Economics verses Earth: The laws of human economics are in conflict withrepparttar 147259 laws ofrepparttar 147260 Earth. Where do you drawrepparttar 147261 line ? Guest article by Donella Meadows, author of Pulitzer Prize-nominated weekly column, 'The Global Citizen'.

The Cruel Lords of Nature: Around 10,000 years ago, after Earth had emerged from 90,000 years ofrepparttar 147262 last ice age, when mammoths roamed and northern humans shivered in caves,repparttar 147263 people who lived inrepparttar 147264 fertile crescent of Mesopotamia, in modern day Iraq, invented agriculture. Guest article from author and broadcaster GuyDauncey.

The End of Education? Prince Charles is right onrepparttar 147265 ball concerning his comments on education. The development of human potential is a crucial issue on 21st century Earth.

Get creativity? Creativity is central torepparttar 147266 management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource. Globally atrepparttar 147267 moment there are many problems facing mankind. Diminishing natural resources and increasing populations mean that we are in a spiral of entropy.

Paradigms of modern disease: A paradigm is a sort of cultural, consensual pattern of thought or model of something. Paradigms change, likerepparttar 147268 impact of Galileo's work on disprovingrepparttar 147269 flat-earth theory or Copernicus' heresy thatrepparttar 147270 Earth moves roundrepparttar 147271 Sun. These new ideas met a great deal of resistance from orthodox philosophy but eventually gave rise to a changed perception ofrepparttar 147272 world we live in - a paradigm shift.

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RSS meet targets Advani

Written by kumar

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Pressure tactics

In a move directed at putting pressure on LK Advani,repparttar RSS pracharaks are even consideringrepparttar 146975 extreme step of closing down their shakhas or daily meetings of their cadre in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

It's a move they gamble aimed at hurtingrepparttar 146976 BJP politically asrepparttar 146977 shakhas feedrepparttar 146978 BJP cadres.

The RSS is also considering to recall all those Sangh workers who were on deputation inrepparttar 146979 BJP - again a move to hurtrepparttar 146980 BJP at an organisational level.

The only thing that has emerged clearly is that LK Advani is no morerepparttar 146981 blue-eyed boy ofrepparttar 146982 RSS and any attempts made by him to reach out torepparttar 146983 Sangh are not working.

Whilerepparttar 146984 RSS is not keen to spend its entire meeting on Advani's political future, they do want to tell allrepparttar 146985 workers withinrepparttar 146986 Sangh Parivar that LK Advani is to be blamed forrepparttar 146987 existing problems.


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