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Office Gnome also trainsrepparttar hostesses, teaching them as much what not to do as what makes a good chat hostess. "It's a personality thing. On iFriends, you can't be yourself. Those chat farms usually have a performer sitting in front of four or five computers. We have full video and audio, and we're on a network that brings visitors torepparttar 102806 model. So talk and appearance are very important."

And who will have to prepare an acceptance speech? "Oh, who knows at this point? This is on September 4th," said Office Gnome. "When we win it'll be a shared award. Every one of these chat hostesses is partly responsible for making us what we are."


Greg Jones was named Judge at the Qwebec Expo Best Adult Awards earlier this year. The nominations are being judged as this is being submitted. Jones is excluded from the vote for

Best Adult Awards A Hit

Written by Greg Jones / 2much Media

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Together, hosts Malezia and Chuck V, she with her stunning looks and he with his smooth demeanor, as well as DJ Franco Fabi and live rock band Zone 51, elevatedrepparttar show to a professional sheen and pace. founder Mark Prince, one ofrepparttar 102805 show sponsors and nominees, was there. “It wasn’t a huge expo,” he said. “But becauserepparttar 102806 Internext just happened and Labour Day weekend is upon us,repparttar 102807 Expo came off amazingly well, against rough odds. Michel did an incredible job. And it was very productive. It’s going to happen again, and become an important show.”

Though Plante has said there will be another BAA next year, it is still too early to announcerepparttar 102808 date. A full list of Best Adult Award winners , which was also sponsored by TAG Network, EarnCoin and YNOT Masters, is expected shortly.


Videographer, journalist, Press liason, and technical support are among the tasks Jones is responsible for at, a streaming media and billing solution provider.

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